Throughout my life, I have been inspired by so many different people and many different things. Lately, it seems like I have started to appreciate this inspiration so much more and the importance that inspiring others has in one’s life.

I try my hardest in on this blog to empower and build up people, namely women, in any way that I can because women that empower other women are what inspires me. Some of the strongest, bravest, and most inspiring people I know are women and they have changed my life in so many ways.

I asked some of the of the women that have inspired me to share something or someone who inspires them as well as something inspiring that they want other people to know. I want to share the uplifting motivation and encouragement that these ladies have shown me, with all of you:)

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What Inspires You?

AG: My faith inspires me. It inspires me to love deeper, give without expecting anything in return and to forgive fully.

LK: I read a lot of Redhead Writing. She inspires me. She’s smart, kicka** and a woman!

JS: What makes me inspired is seeing and hearing stories of women who have overcome extremely difficult circumstances and weaknesses depending completely on The Lord to be all that they need.

SB: I get inspired in different ways, but what inspires me it to read about someone who has undergone turmoil, trauma, a hard life BUT still keeps an upbeat attitude, never giving up and always looking for the good in things. I am always inspired after coming out of a good teaching at church to do better that I did the day before.

CBM: My sister, because she is a sassy bad a**. Sunsets, beautiful architecture and the ocean or marine life. Really anything that can stand alone without words or explanation but still be beautiful.

JD: I have an entire gallery page dedicated to who inspires me:) <link>

AA: I’m sorry to be cliché on you here, but to be honest, my daughter inspires me. She sees the joy and the ‘funny’ in things that I fail to stop and sometimes see. She breaks out into a hysterical, uncontrollable laugh when something really hits her as funny–she stops and breathes life in (as children do). She points out the moon and the stars, our blooming rose garden as we pull into the driveway when I would otherwise be in a hurry to hop out of the car, unload the groceries, and be onto my next task. She reminds me to STOP.. She reminds me to breathe life in. She reminds me life is only as complicated as I make it. (regardless of the fact that her ‘stressors’ may be a lot less at the age of 6 than mine are as a 30-year-old grown woman–however, it’s all relative…). So, who inspires me? My six-year-old daughter, Haydan.

TW: Besides my children & my dreams, I am motivated by the women in my life who persevere through ANYTHING they face! I am one to root for the underdog, so any of those type of stories also motivate me. I believe in God, my faith is strong, and I’ve endured A LOT!

AGT: My mother inspires me most. Motherhood can be so rewarding, but equally as challenging at times. I only have 2 little ones, but they’re at an age where things are very stressful. My mom was a single mother to 5 kids. Don’t know how she did it! She has the ability to make things work whatever the case (picky eater, cranky baby, cooking, cleaning and chasing after kids) because of her persistence and faith.

LS: The person who inspires me (besides my girls) is hands down my Nanny (grandmother). She died almost 3 years ago and she was like a mother to me. She too was a single mom who remarried and touched the lives of so many. Her food and love warmed the hearts of countless in our community. Every day she is gone is a reminder that I am here to make her proud and I know she is smiling down on us.

DZ: I don’t have one specific person . I am truly inspired by people who are faced with difficult challenges and not only overcome but strive in the face of adversity.

KK: Something that inspires me, children and music. Not just my child because he will never stop inspiring me, but all children: their innocence,  their ability to bounce back, their ability to experience pure bliss! It’s why I became an educator. Music inspires me because it inspires emotion. I love all kinds of music, especially if it is attached to a memory


Ways to Inspire Others?

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AG: Find joy in the little daily things. (Changing dirty diapers never made me happy but I was joyful that I had a baby to love and care for, dinner prep sometimes doesn’t make me happy but I am full of joy knowing that we have food on the table and family to celebrate meals with.) Choosing to be thankful instead of complaining can lighten ANY situation.
Forgive yourself if you fail. Look at how many wonderful failures have turned into great inventions and amazing things.

LK: I want to tell others that sometimes fear is the ONLY thing holding them back from living their dreams-not lack of talent, skill or opportunity. It’s a new world for creative people and you don’t get handed opportunities anymore; you MAKE them. I think that’s great news for all of us.

JS: I would like every woman to know they are so loved, special, uniquely handcrafted by God for things only they can do, and that no matter what difficulty,struggle, or bad things that have occurred in their lives to them around them whatever it may be they are worth fighting for and can overcome anything in Christ’s perfect strength.

SB: People, especially women, need to remember that they are always a big deal to God, no matter what anyone else says and they need to remember that, even in the midst of trouble, heartache, and daily mundane life. All that they do is a big deal to the Lord.

CBM: Look for the quiet beautiful moments in life and find someway to capture them, with a camera, a sketch pad or a journal. Nobody has a photographic memory, so find some way to memorialize that beautiful quiet moment and reflect upon it later. Your mind will love that feeling and start firing off ways to get back to that feeling of peace.

JD: Life is too short to have little dreams. Dream big and then chase after those dreams.

TW: Don’t to get caught up in negativity or worried about things that haven’t happened yet.

AGT: Something inspiring I would like to tell others is, things may be difficult, but never impossible. You just have to find a way!

LS: There are no failures on the road to greater things. I “failed” as a high school teacher and was told by my principal that I was a horrible teacher and I should find another career path. I know now that wasn’t failure but an opportunity for greater. Had I stuck it out, I would be hating my job, barely seeing my kids, stressed and definitely not writing a blog. Instead I teach with passion to those who also “failed” at high school. And I’m here with you ladies and I take and pick up my kids to and from school every single day.

KK: Something inspiring that I would want to share with others, especially women, is my experience with heartache and let down. For years I experienced let down and heartache caused by my own self and by others, but I fought tooth and nail to get myself to a better happier place. I went through months of scared and sleepless nights alone in an apartment trying to be as quiet as possible but I made it through. I still fight battles to this very day, but I am much stronger than before.


I still get inspired re-reading all of these contributions!

Thank you to all of the wonderful women who shared in this post with me and who continue to inspire me on a daily basis! I hope this brings you true inspiration and a positive boost:) Feel free to share in the comments what inspires you and what you want to say to inspire others!

*Cheers to bringing joy and empowerment to others*

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