We can’t always get on a plane and take a vacation to some place far away… or tropical, even though I wish we all could! I love taking vacations with my family and just spending time enjoying and exploring some place new.

Even though you can’t venture off on a big, long, and/or expensive vacation, there are plenty of ways that you can make a vacation close to home special and fun!

Family Staycation IdeasArizona Attractions

  • Drive somewhere that’s somewhat close, but still may be new and different for you as a family! There are so many different and unique things about anywhere that you will travel to. Near us, we have places like the Grand Canyon, numerous little towns all with their own history and BEAUTIFUL scenery with tons of places to hike and get some exercise in as well! We went to this place called “Out of Africa”, which as you can see, was a blast! Type in “Things to do in <your state>” in Google, and you will get a ton of ideas in the cities near you!
  • Stay the night at a hotel in town. A lot of kids find so much pleasure in just staying  somewhere else, even if its only one night! Plus, you can spend the day using the hotels amenities. Find one with a fun pool area! You can always find deals on Hotwire or Groupon!
  • Plan an entire day out. I know, this may sound daunting when you have one kid, two kids, 8 kids… and it canwpid-testUpload.png be. But, if you have a whole day planned of local activities for you all to enjoy, then hopefully the kids will stay entertained and somewhat less crazy for the day! Pick things like museums, the zoo, ice cream, water parks, the park in general, mini golf… something that everyone can find enjoyable!


  •  Let the kids pick what they want to do. Tell them that you want them to pick what they would like their vacation day to look like, and go from there! Who knows, they could pick anything from going to the store, to climbing a mountain. It will be like “Choose Your Own Adventure”! (Anyone remember this?) My daughter would probably end up choosing going to Trader Joe’s, because she loves pushing the mini carts around. Literally, she would do it all day I’m sure.
Get that hummus girl! Def. my daughter

Get that hummus girl! Def. my daughter

  • Do something different at home. Staying a home on vacation doesn’t always sound like the biggest adventure in the world, but you can do things to make it fun! Play games, have a picnic dinner while you watch a movie, set up your own ice cream bar where your kids can make their own sundaes… what else am I missing? I know you all have some fun ideas!:)

What are some of your ways to have a staycation?

*Cheers to staycations, vacations and other adventures*