If you follow me on Snapchat (@mothrhoodmerlot) or Instagram, then you may have seen me in a crazy looking astronaut suite a few weeks ago.  Everyone was asking what the heck it was and now, I’m here to tell you! The Hypoxi system is something that I hadn’t heard of, but I was invited a grand opening here in Arizona. I’ve had a few sessions now and I wanted to share about my experience using this system.

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hypoxiHypoxi: Design Your Body

hypoxi usaHypoxi was designed by an Austrian sports scientist, and this method is extremely popular in Europe and Australia. It’s a major form of weight loss and body image management over there.

“Hypoxi combines low impact exercise with advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition to help your body work smarter, not harder. HYPOXI supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system. Independent studies have shown HYPOXI to be 3 x more effective at targeting fat burning than regular exercise.”

Basically, it’s designed to target the areas that don’t burn fat as fast like tummy, hips, thighs and butt. It increases the blood circulation to those areas and then helps to remove the fatty acid from those areas through their vacuum compression phase.

When I first went in for my consultation, I was skeptical about the claims. First of all, who doesn’t want fat burned and inches loss in their stomach, a reduction of cellulite in their butt and thighs? I know I do.

The Hypoxi specialist was really nice and super professional. They weigh you, measure all of the inches of your body (not my favorite thing to have done, haha), and then you can get a full 3D scan of your body that show you BMI, fat percentage, etc… This really helps you see the results the you get from Hypoxi and other workouts.


After that, you go into compression therapy. You lie down in this astronaut suite and get vacuum therapy for 20 minutes before moving on to your low impact exercise. This portion was actually pretty relaxing. It feels like a bunch of large bubble wrap is popping all around your body, and then filling up with air and popping again.

Then comes the exercise. I wasn’t prepared for this!

Side note… do NOT do leg day on the same day that you do treadmill training at Hypoxi.



You exercise on whatever machine that your consultant thinks would work best for you. Some of them are for those with poor circulation in their legs, others are for those who aren’t extremely active or need to be extra careful (moms who have recently had a baby), and then there is the treadmill for those that lead a pretty active lifestyle. This is the one that I was recommended to use.


You have compression and the same vacuum technology, just in a more targeted area, as you are doing these low impact exercise. You will probably lose a pound or two of bloat alone from this because you have to get your heart rate to a specific level and you will sweat!

Overall, I was really impressed with the innovative technology and something new and different. I think this would be excellent for women who have just had a baby but who can’t really do high impact exercise and intense workouts yet.


After going through all six of my HYPOXI sessions, I have some new results to share with you all. 

I have noticed a pretty substantial difference in cellulite and skin firmness around my butt and thighs especially. I would say after the 4th session, this really showed up and I actually noticed a change. While you wouldn’t be able to notice unless you knew exactly what my cellulite looked like before… which I am thankful you don’t. But, the important thing it that I notice and it feels great! 

I lost two inches total around my waist area, which is awesome. I could absolutely see how this would be a possibility after repeated sessions. I love the workouts themselves on their treadmill Vacunaut, and always really great after I’m done. I would say it totally boosts your circulation and metabolism, which is great for continued fat loss. 

I have become obsessed! I love going through my Hypoxi sessions and I hope to continue on after we get back from our vacation. 

If you’re in the Arizona area, you can check out Hypoxi for yourself at www.hypoxibody.com!

*Here’s to getting rid of those stubborn, unwanted areas of “extra”*

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