Since my husband and I had our first child, Father’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me. My own father passed away when I was 10 and ever since then, this holiday has been a tough one for me.

But, being able to celebrate the fact that my wonderful husband is a father to our beautiful children is such an amazing feeling and a true blessing. There are a lot of lessons I have learned through parenting alongside him and things that I know would not have happened otherwise.

fathers day for husband

To share a little bit of that love and appreciation I feel for him not only on Father’s Day, but everyday, here are some of the things I am so thankful for when it comes to his way of fathering our children.

Happy Father’s Day

  • I am thankful for the endless amount of love he shows to our children. Even when he gets angry with them or needs to discipline them, he does it in a way that is only going to teach them in a positive way and they know that he loves them even through the discipline.fathers day
  • He loves the Lord and that shows in the way he teaches and raises our children. Our kids our grounded in Lord and in the things that He has shown us as parents to teach them. Watching my kids pray with their dad every night before bed almost brings me to tears every time.
  • Whether I like it all of the time or not… he is the fun parent. Why am I thankful for this? Because sometimes I don’t have the energy to be the fun parent and I don’t want our children being raised in an authoritarian home. We balance each other out when it comes to our parenting styles, and I love that. fathers day
  • I am thankful he is such a hard worker. Sometimes, it’s really hard to have him working constantly. But even with that being said, he manages to find time to spend with the kids as soon as he gets home for as long as he can, before he has to work more. He supports our family so well and pushes through these long, tiring work days to come home and play tag with the kids.
  • I have no words to express how thankful I am that he made me a mother. Without him, we would not have our 4 beautiful children to love, raise, and watch grow. They make our lives better, and mine is better because of him.

To all of the dad’s out there, remember that it isn’t about getting to spend every waking moment with your children, but rather how those moments you do get are spent.

Happy Father’s Day honey:)

*Cheers to all of the fathers and dads out there*

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