What is the first thing that catches your eye in a photo? For me, it’s the smiles of the people in the picture. The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile, and I am a firm believer in that line. But, if you’re anything like me, we just don’t have the time or the finances to got get our teeth professionally whitened every few weeks. There are easier ways to keep your smile white and bright, like Smile Brilliant. I am going to show you how to whiten teeth at home, anytime, no matter what you’re doing.

I have always been skeptical about whitening products, mostly because my teeth are extremely sensitive. I have used normal 7-10 whitening strips in the past, and the results are just okay. They don’t seem to last very long and they aren’t extreme whitening results by any means. So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their products (especially when I saw the gel for sensitivity) I was in!The best system to use for teeth whitening and tips on how to whiten teeth at home using Smile Brilliant whitening system.

*This kit was sent to me in exchange for my honest review of the Smile Brilliant products. I would never recommend anything that I haven’t tried and love myself.

How to Whiten Teeth at Home

By far, my favorite thing about this kit is all of things that you can do #whileIwhiten! It’s so much better than sitting in a dentist chair. Especially with kids and a busy schedule, I need to be able to keep up my beauty routine while working, studying, and spending time with my family. I can do all of these things with Smile Brilliant.

Here are my before and after photos, so that you can see right away the difference that the Smile Brilliant products made for me.

Both pictures were taken in natural lighting, with no makeup on to truly show the color change of my teeth. As you can see I have gotten some really great results.

About the Kit

The kit contains all of the things you need for your tray molds and teeth whitening. It gives you step-by-step clear instructions and makes the process fast and simple. The first thing that you will have to do is make your molds. This is done by using the base and the catalyst paste, and mixing them together. You put the paste into the tray, let it sit around your teeth, and voila! If you have ever had a retainer made, the process is pretty much the same. img_5024

After that, the plastic trays get sent back to you and your whitening can begin! Just use the syringe to place the whitening gel, followed by the desensitizing gel after you’re done whitening, into the trays, and then go about your day/night.

img_6361 img_6358

Here are some of the things that I did while I whitened my teeth at home.

Got ready for the day:img_6388

Played with my kids:img_6394



You can check out this video for more information on how to whiten teeth at home and a video review of the kit from Smile Brilliant. It will also show an in-depth process of making the molds for your personal whitening trays.

The one thing that I will say about this kit is that I had sensitivity issues in the beginning. However, I normally am extremely sensitive to all whitening products, so it didn’t really surprise me. After speaking with one of the lovely representative at Smile Brilliant on how to help this, I learned a few tips. If you are having issues with sensitivity when using this product as the directions state:

  • Use the Desensitizing Gel before you whiten for 20-30 as well as after.
  • Use is on the days when you do not whiten at all, just to hydrate and mineralize teeth.
  • Check out more tips for sensitivity here.

I would recommend starting with shorter sessions, and working your way up to the 1.5 hours or more. This whitening kit really works, which means it is powerful. So, starting shorter will give you the same results if you do it consistently and work your way up to longer wear times. This can also help if you are also having issues with sensitivity like I was.


Now for the fun part… You can enter to win a $140 credit for yourself! This is equal to the cost of one of their kits, so you can get some pearly whites at home too! All you have to do to enter is head over to this link—>


If you don’t win, you can use the code MOTHERHOODMERLOT5 to save 5% off of any of the Smile Brilliant products for yourself.
Professional Teeth Whitening

What did you think of the results? Do you whiten your teeth at home already? Were these tips on how to whiten teeth at home with this system helpful?

*Cheers to having bright, white smiles*

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