Okay… so, some of you may think I am crazy to homeschool when all of my kids are so young and active. I think it too;) But, when we moved to Virginia, I knew that I wanted to look into and understand how to start homeschooling. Our oldest are in Kindergarten and 1st grade this year, and only one of them as ever gone to public school.

Are you looking into homeschooling or want for information? Here is what I have found useful when figuring out how to start homeschooling, with four littles

It was a huge decision for me. I was homeschooled for almost all of my elementary school years, and I always credit my capacity and love for learning to that. My mom was a fabulous teacher, and even now, I remember some of the ways that she used to teach me at a young age, over things that I learned from teachers in later years.

It’s funny, because I wrote this post years ago when I started my blog, and 3 years later it is coming full circle.

How To Start Homeschooling

Know your “why”: This one was huge for me in the whole homeschool process. Obviously, I work from home, and also have four kiddos (two of which are not quite school-age), and run our household. All of this requires a lot of time and effort from me. Homeschool, in and of itself, requires 150% effort as well, for each of the kids you are teaching.

The “why” in why you are choosing to homeschool is going to be your driving force.

There will be hard days. Heck, we have only been doing it for a matter of weeks and there have already been tears, anger, days where I said “not today”, and everything in between. In remembering that I chose to do this because it was best for our children right now, and because I think it will be so beneficial to them in now and in the future, is what allows me to get through those days. It allows me to look at the other days, when they are learning and soaking in all of the knowledge, and see the lightbulbs going off, and be so thankful that I am able to do this with our children.

Find resources where you live: My sister-in-law (another homeschool queen), introduced me to the Home Educators Association of Virginia, and it has ALL of the things that you could need to know as far as homeschooling in your state goes. How to start, state laws, testing, resources, meetings, events, and so much more are included on the site.

Find the resources like this for your state, and I promise you it will make your homeschool life so much easier! It will assure that you have all of your “i’s dotted and t’s crossed”.

Join a group: Homeschooling can seem daunting, and it might also seem a little lonely at times. You are with your kids, day in and day out, teaching them in every way possible. Finding a group of parents and kids who are also homeschooling, and who know what it is like, will help you keep (most) of your sanity intact!

It’s also great for your kids socially to be around kids who homeschool, and those who go to public or private school. Getting them adjusted to all types of social climates is a crucial part of their development in making friends and relating to other people.

I’ll update you more as the year goes on with different homeschooling tips we’ve learned, what works and doesn’t, and how I am surviving as a homeschool mom of four.

Do you homeschool or send your kids to school?  

*Cheers to schooling our kids in all types of settings*