In the industry that I am in, confidence is something that I have learned a few hard lessons about. Over the years of choosing to put myself out there in front of anyone in the world to see, there are some crucial things that I have learned about how to have confidence, and how to get over those things that hold you back from having confidence.

Are you looking for tips on how to have confidence, and how to keep it? Check out these cruical tips from someone who has learned the hard way.

Now, let me preface this by saying I still don’t have the confidence thing all worked out. It is a daily work in progress. There are still so many things that I wish I was more confident in, or self-assured about. I wrote this post about tips for gaining confidence in the new year, and this list is a continuation of that and how to maintain that confidence you have found.

These 5 tips that I am going to share are the things that I have learned and that have helped me continually build my self-confidence over the years. I hope that they help you down the path of maintaining your own:)

How To Have Confidence : 5 Crucial Tips to Help Keep It

  1. You have to stop letting what people say negatively affect you. I know, so much easier said than done. There have been so many times over the course of my years on a public platform where people have said terrible things to me. In the beginning, I absolutely let them tear me down. There were tears over them, thoughts about quitting, anger and wanting to lash out at them… so many emotions. But, I have learned that those people are so unhappy with themselves, and there isn’t anything you can do about someone else’s words, only how you take them in (or don’t).
  2. Help someone else. This might sound kind of strange, considering we are talking about your personal confidence. However, helping others can dramatically increase your own level of self-confidence. This allows you take time away from focusing on the things about yourself that you might consider “weaknesses”. It then gives you room to help someone grow in realms that you might be stronger in.
  3. Never try to be someone else. Know who you are, what your principles are, and stick to them. When you are constantly trying to fit into a certain mold, or change for someone besides yourself, you are also consistently damaging your self-confidence. To have confidence is to trust in the person that you are, and hold fast to that.
  4. Learn to accept compliments. This goes hand in hand with number one and learning to take criticism. This is one that I still have a hard time with. Who else responds to compliments with something negative about themselves instead of “thank you” or handling it with grace? It is difficult because at times, we may not believe the compliments that we are being given. However, hearing these and taking them to heart can work in a similar way that positive affirmations do when we say them to ourselves. 
  5. Confidence is a process, and everyone struggles with it. Now that you are solid in the ideas of how to have confidence, this is a huge part of how you keep it. Also, don’t forget to get rid of the negative that begins to turn you back to lacking self-confidence. Even though someone might not look like it, every single person struggles with this on some level. Others, obviously, might deal with it more or more noticeably. That doesn’t mean that they are working through their own process of maintaining confidence or getting rid of the things that bring them down.

How do you maintain your self-confidence? What are some of the things you find yourself purging that bring it down?

*Here’s to being happy, healthy, and confident*