Listen… I love Target. I will say it loud and proud that it is one of my favorite places to go. It is always a fun outing during the week to take my kids there and walk around. However, getting through Target with four little ones, and my sanity still intact is a feat in and of itself. So, how do you get through Target with your little ones and your sanity? Let me give you a few tips that I use.

Who doesn't love a trip to the red circle store? But, with little ones it isn't always easy. Here are some tips for getting through Target with little ones and your sanity intact.

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How To Get Through Target With Your Little Ones While Staying Sane

  1. Give them all the popcorn. Target popcorn is the best, but it’s even better when it keeps your littles quiet for the majority of the Target trip. The bonus? You don’t even have to buy more than one small bag. Ask them to split it up into different bags, and those wonderful people and that circle store will be glad to do. Split into 3 or 4, my kids still don’t even eat half of it, but it keeps them preoccupied and mostly quiet while you stroll the aisles.
  2. Take a trip down the toy aisle. I’m not saying buy them anything, but just walk up and down the toy aisles for a minute before you go try on clothes, or before you take 30 minutes browsing home decor (come on, we all do it). Letting them make a look at the toys, even for a few minutes, will keep them happy and content… as long they don’t end up screaming for a toy they want. In that case, just take them outside mama.
  3. Let them pick out something fun from the dollar section. Can we be honest though and say that it is the $1-$5 section, because not everything is a dollar… just saying. Regardless, letting my kids pick out one small thing and hold it while we walk through the store has seriously been a lifesaver. I let them pay for it themselves, and it’s something they don’t have to share (the same reason we split the popcorn into different bags). It’s all about saving your sanity mama, and if it takes and extra dollar to do that, so be it.
  4. Go alone. This is my favorite option, because getting through Target with all four of my kids is rough, although its doable. If you can, tell your significant other to watch the kids while you take a much deserved “me time” break through the aisles and wonders of Target.

What are some tips you have for how to get through Target with your little ones? Costco? Grocery shopping? As moms, we need all of the tips for all of the places, so share them below!

*Cheers to quiet children, and a happy mama walking the aisles of Target*