As a mom of four, and someone who was pregnant for what like half of my life, I know that things have definitely changed for me. Whether it be the way you interact with your friends, the priorities you hold, the hangovers, etc… there are some major things you notice once children come into the picture. So today, I am sharing how friendships and social life change after motherhood, the good, the bad, and the not so pretty.

There are a a lot of things that change after becoming a parent. It's important to know how friendships and Social life change after motherhood as well.

*This post was done in partnership with Never Too Hungover. All of the information and opinions in this post are 100% my own. Thank you for understanding and for your continued support of Motherhood and Merlot.

How Friendships and Social Life Change After Motherhood

  1. You don’t have any tolerance for BS. Whether this is a crappy friend who just doesn’t get what you go through as a parent, or 21-year-olds at the bar that you might look at and think, “My five-year-old acts more mature than you do”… you just don’t have the time for any BS in your life after motherhood. The amount of brain power that motherhood takes is extensive, and you need positivity around you to help maintain the little sanity that you have left after all of that. Caddy “friends”, extremely drunk people at the bar that you have no responsibility for, and high school drama between adults are just a few of the things that you DO NOT tolerate after motherhood. #byefelicia
  2. You’ll see a difference between hanging out with “mom” friends and “non-mom” friends. This doesn’t mean that we don’t love and appreciate our non-mom friends, but you can see a definite difference when you are sitting around the table with a group of friends who don’t have kids, versus a dinner table full of talks about dance class, elementary school problems, and diapers. Having friends on both sides of this coin are important, because they bring different things to the table for you socially, and for your sanity! Plus, you may discover the truth about some friendships, and you’ll have to either adjust to the changes or make room for new friends.
  3. You will sometimes miss the way friendships and social time used to be. Listen, no one can deny that we might miss the days when we could be out until all hours of the night, shaking what our mamas gave us, and then not having to get up for anyone else aside from ourselves in the morning. After motherhood, things are completely different. You don’t have the luxury of not waking up when your kids get up, no matter how tired hungover you may be. You might have been the one who would be pushing people to stay out later, or get up and get ready to go out… now, you might be the one flaking out on plans because your bedtime is 8:30. No shame in that, by the way:)
  4. You just don’t have the time. Between diaper changes, feedings, nap times, and activities, you really just don’t have the time for many other things aside from your kiddos. This doesn’t include taking care of the house, your responsibilities and hobbies, or taking care of yourself! To me, while difficult, it is a blessing to have little humans who your world revolves around, watching them grow and thrive. This becomes even more true after they get into school and more activities. Our girls are in dance right now, not to mention being invited to birthday parties and other school events, and the little time that we did have is now even shorter! Plus, you will always choose your kids before friends… always. So the time that you have to spare is PRECIOUS. Read here about 5 moms and a real life look into their days.
  5. You have MAJOR tolerance changes in your drinking. This is not only something that happens after you get older, but I feel like it changes after you have a baby as well. For starters, you can’t really drink for a year of your life, so there goes your tolerance down the drain. While I am not a big drinker these days, I obviously still love wine, like A LOT, and the occasional drinks on girls night out. That’s what I am so thankful for Never Too Hungover and their line of products. Now, don’t think I haven’t put these to the test… trust me, I have. I drank a little bit too much one night when my girlfriend was in town, but their Never Too Hungover Prevention the night of, and then the Boost the morning after seriously saved me. I was exhausted, but I was functioning which is a MUST with four kids. These products do some great things, so you don’t have to quit having ALL of the fun after motherhood;)
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What are some of the biggest changes that you noticed in your social lives after becoming a mom?

*Cheers to creating a new normal after motherhood*