In this season of life, I have loved changing up the way that I gift and celebrate holidays. Now that we have children, I love to incorporate sentimental and emotional ideas when coming up with gift ideas. That’s why, when Hooray Heroes reached out about their lovely books, it was a must for me to get on board and share it with you all. These heartfelt Valentines Day gifts for dads and husbands are a beautiful idea and one sure to make that man in your life tear up. 

Heartfelt Valentines Day Gift for Dads

The first thing that catches your attention when ordering the book, is how customized it can be. Not only can you add in names, but you can also pick how the customer looks to makes them feel like they are members of your family.

I had also seen previous reactions on video of other fathers opening their books, and how much it meant to them. Upon receiving the book myself, I could see why! It is really beautifully made, and the heartfelt words written in each portion of the story make for a wonderful gift.

You also have the option of choosing all of the different careers in the book that your child will grow up to be. The descriptions of them are adorable, and they edit in the names that are specific to you, so the entire story feels like a personal letter. We even put in a coding career, which falls in line with what my husband does for a living. This was something really special that resonated and stuck out to him right way.

My husband immediately teared up once he read the inscription on the first page. He could hardly even read it to my daughter! He always gets so emotional when we talk about his daughters growing up, and all that they will become or have the potential to become. This made all of that more realistic, and really pulled at his daddy-heart strings. It will be something special that he can cherish and read to all of his girls year after year. I think I will be getting one for each of my kiddos to share with their daddy.

*Here’s to heartfelt Valentines Day Gifts this holiday*