It’s day 11 of the 12 Days of #Merryblogmas. Tomorrow is our very last day of this fun series!

The holidays are always filled with fun, family, and lots of yummy food and treats. I have a personal weakness for baked goods so this time of the year is my downfall when it comes to having healthy eating habits.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should stay away from the goodies completely! It’s the holidays, you should enjoy and treat yourself if you want to. And I KNOW you want to:)

There are plenty of ways to stay healthy while still enjoying yourself during the holidays.

healthy during the holidays

Health and the Holidays

Start off the day with a good, healthy, clean meal. If you have a good foundation to start off your day in terms of what you are putting into your body, then you won’t feel so sluggish later on in the day if you have a meal that maybe isn’t so healthy. Here is an example of my weekly meal plan with some great breakfast options.

Also, drink plenty of water. I never knew the really benefits of drinking the recommended amount or more of water per day. But let me tell you, when I don’t drink enough water, I notice. With all the sugary sweets and heavy meals, not to mention the wine…. that come along with holidays, staying hydrated and making sure you have plenty of water to keep your metabolism strong will really help your body maintain a sense of healthiness throughout this season.

Try to sneak in some smaller workouts. I know the holidays are a busy time and getting a work-out in may seem near impossible (Check out these fitness tips for staying healthy while traveling as well). Try doing a 20 minute yoga flow just to get some energy and motivation for those long days around family that the holidays bring. Plus, it will get your digestion flowing for all of those wonderful baked goods we all love.

I started practicing yoga on a regular basis when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I had gone into my first labor/delivery feeling really nervous and unprepared and I came out of it feeling way over weight even though I had just lost an 8’6 lb baby. I didn’t want that to be the case with my second pregnancy.

Yoga really helped me to not only stay healthy and strong during my pregnancy, but it also helped me maintain a sense of calm and a much more preparedness going into the delivery of my second baby.

I practice at least 4 times a week and it is truly something I love doing. So during the holidays when I can’t really get in many intense and time-consuming workouts, this is my go-to for a quick fitness break and release.

I recently became an ambassador with a newer company called Toe Talk. They are a newer company that has designed this line of socks with personalized mantras and special designs that help you maintain focus, mindfulness and balance both physically and emotionally. They are made for women who believe in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

They have the option to come with grips on the bottom of the sock, perfect for those that love to do yoga not on a mat (they work great on a mat as well). They are extremely comfortable, low cut, easy to travel with, have mesh at the top of the foot and provide moisture-wicking foot coverage so there are no more sweaty feet!

toe talk

I absolutely love the messages that their products have on them. I think for anyone, whether your big into yoga, pilates, meditation or you just like some uplifting and empowering words to boost your mood (we are all about that at Motherhood and Merlot), these socks will give you just what you need.

My personal mantra that I choose out of the many that they have is “Warrior Chick”. I love the feeling of being a strong and empowered woman who just gets things done! This mantra reminds me exactly of that. A portion of money made from these socks goes to breast cancer prevention. Every one of the socks has charities that you can pick from to send a part of your payment too, which I think is so awesome!

To take a look at Toe Talk goodies for yourself, hop on over to their website. They also offer $2 specific pairs of socks every Monday for “Mindful Monday’s”. You can find that info on their Instagram.

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I will be giving away a few of my favorite things at the very beginning of the new year. A few pairs of these fantastic socks will be in there:)

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*Cheers to staying healthy for the holidays*

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