Growing up, I never celebrated Halloween. We always did some other fun activity, like bowling or something that like, as a family. But we didn’t dress up and the first time I went actual Trick-or-Treating was when I took my oldest for the first time 2 years ago. I don’t agree with the actual concept surrounding the Halloween holiday… I actually really hate the holiday in and of itself. However, I love playing dress up with girls and I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween costumes for toddlers.

Halloween costumes for toddlers are some of the cutest around this time of the year! Check out some of our family favorites for kids.

Younger kiddos have some of the most adorable costumes on the market. This is the opposite of the costumes when they get older, especially for girls and women. Is it just me or do the costumes continue to use the same amount of material in adult sizes as they do in kids? Yet still expect us to fit… hmm.

Anyways, on to the cuteness!

Here are some of the most adorable (and some of the easiest) costumes for little ones.

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers and Babies


Picking something like animals is super easy and cute. There are so many costumes out there and so many simple accessories that you can use to make your own costumes.

In this picture, are now two-year-old was only a few weeks old, but because it is still so warm in Arizona in October we ventured out to take the toddler around the neighborhood.  The three of us girls dressed up as cats. The baby and I stuck with the typical black cat theme, and the oldest was a tiger. The costumes turned out pretty cute and the were so easy to throw together with a little make-up action and a pair of ears:)

cat halloween costumes

Fairytale Creatures:

Kids can get away with being anything they want, even if the thing isn’t actually real. The first Halloween that my oldest dressed up, she was a unicorn. I picked it because Despicable Me was pretty new and I was slightly in love with the little girl on there who ran around screaming “It’s so fluffy!”

Our twins dressed up as gnomes one year, and I am OBSESSED with their costumes.

I would go with something easy and one piece, with snaps, if you are dressing up a smaller child or baby. They are quick to get on and off and they kind of remind me of footie pajamas so if it is colder where you live, your sweet baby unicorn  (or other fairy tale creature) will be cozy:) Some of my favorites are unicorns (of course), Disney Princesses, and dragons/monsters.


Mermaids are always a fabulous go-to:)

Character from their Favorite T.V. Show:

Anyone that has been around little ones knows that they get hooked on certain T.V. shows. Some of them are really annoying, others are educational and some are just silly little shows. Both of my girls are really into “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” and “Jake and the Never-land Pirates“. They are both so much better than the shows my oldest used to love… I’ll spare you by not talking about them because if I do, the most annoying theme songs ever will get stuck in your head if you are familiar with the shows.


In the main picture above, we changed up the costume a little bit for another Halloween event, and made her a girl version of Daniel Tiger:) Toothbrush and all. You know how Daniel Tiger loves to teach those lessons.. “Clothes on, eat breakfast, brush teeth…” You’re singing it now aren’t you?:)

So, the choices for costumes last year was a pirate or a tiger… well one of them was a tiger previously so we switched it up and went with pirates! This year, we’ve moved on to Doc Mcstuffins and Lambie.

If you follow Motherhood and Merlot on Instagram, there are always pictures of my sweet little ones, especially on holidays. This year, there will be plenty of our twins in their costumes as well, which I am SUPER excited about.

It’s pretty fun to let them choose what they want to be and see what crazy or not-so-crazy ideas they come up with. When I first asked my oldest, she said she wanted to be pizza. I vetoed that.

Grown ups can have fun too! Here are some great Halloween wine options to get you through trick-or-treating:)

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? Have you had any requests for crazy costumes?

*Cheers to getting to dress up however you want for a day, and eating your kiddos candy*

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