Hi there to all of you, some of my most favorite people in the world. (Yes you, reading this:)) This week we have the pleasure of getting some mommy insight from a fellow blogger named Lauren.

She tackles all kinds of things in her blog from mommy problems to trying out a variety of Pinterest ideas to see if they work, so that we don’t have to! If you are a Pinterest fanatic like me, this is music to your ears as well!

Welcome Lauren!

How to Survive Sending your Child to School

I see posts all. of. the. time from moms who can’t wait to send their kids off to school and how they are looking forward to a little peace and quiet. I totally agree with the peace and quiet part and am ready for that, I guess… I mean I’ve never really had it as a mom… But I’m not ready to send my little girls off to school 5 days a week for 6.25 hours a day. I want them to stay little. WHYYYYYY MANANIHDISHDG WHYYYYYY!?!?! Ok pull it together Lauren you’ve got this. I’m pretty sure there is a mom with a third grader out there reading this rolling her eyes and murmuring “amateur.” Well I am an amateur. I have been fortunate to work a schedule that has only required a babysitter here and there. I see my kids a lot. I haven’t had to send them off to daycare all day. And if you have, it still is way different then sending them to an actual school where they begin the rest of their lives. This is the start to their academic career. If they don’t do well now, they will never get into Harvard Law and be able to buy me a house in Hilton Head! Ok I’m getting ahead of myself and having “thought vomit” on my blog post. I have been through every possible emotion, and today’s current emotion is panic attack apparently! But MOMMIES we will survive. And today, I am going to tell you how. And you don’t even have to send me $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping and processing. Unless you want to. 1240586_10100826622918138_960242776_n 1) Get a Life Uh how dare you suggest that I do not have a life. I go out. Once a month. Every other month. Every other year. And most of the time… ugh who am I kidding, I do not have a life. It’s pathetic really. Before kids, I shopped and went out and had fun. I had friends who didn’t have kids attached to their hips. And some of me wants that back. Guess what friends? Now is the time. I don’t mean that you should make friends by joining PTO. Avoid that ish like the plague (just kidding PTO is fine, in moderation. Like a prison sentence really. Do your one year, and get out). What I mean is have conversations over coffee with friends without your children. Connect with those friends while your children are in school. Most of them will have kids in school too. They will welcome talk that isn’t about boogers or boo boos. And don’t spend time talking about your children. Talk about clothes and relationships and tv shows that you both halfway watch over screaming and singing. You don’t have to completely change who you are, but find someone who you can spend a morning with after drop-off sipping lattes without having to be _________’s mommy.

2) Get a Broom How 1950’s of me! But if you are like every woman out there, you know that cleaning house with kids is impossible. They mess up more than they clean. Take the time while they are at school to do some things around the house. This may be cleaning or doing laundry or could be gardening or DIY. Use your new found freedom to catch up on some stuff that needs to get done. Everyone is happier in a clean home. If you think I’m full of it, try to think of yourself in a relaxing oasis in your home. Is it cluttered with old mail and take out boxes? I didn’t think so. Clean up. Then sit and enjoy it until the little monsters get home to destroy it again.

3) Get a Bod Pretty sure that a good majority of us are still carrying around that baby weight we acquired 5 years ago. If not good, for you. Some of us are slow movers. Resist the temptation to go home and cry yourself back to sleep and scream to heavens that “your baybie is gahwn!” Get up and move. I’m not saying become some workout-aholic or nutrition guru. I’m saying get up and move a little. Do not get sucked into that stupid soap opera that melts your mind. Go for a walk. Join a class. Workout at home. Just do something. You will feel much better and have much more energy for the kids when they come home.

4) Get a Hobby Find something new to do. Join a class at a community college. Join a book/bloggers club. Join a morning brew crew. Just do something. Sulking will not make you happy or your kids happy. They all have to grow up eventually. They are off learning something new. Why not try something new as well? There are tons of new things you can DIY at home or learn on the internet. Even a new language for your fantasy trip abroad. Volunteering is a good idea too. Or maybe even a morning job to support your coffee addiction you’re sure to have now that you are waking up at the crack of dawn to get everyone off to school on time. Do something for you. You deserve it.

5) Last but not least… Get a Crown Not crown royal, but an actual crown. Like one that belongs to a queen. Treat yourself. Eat that secret cupcake for breakfast. Walk around naked if you want. Soak in the tub. Try all of those make up tips on Pinterest you have been wanting to try. Dress up a little and wear your fancy jewelry. Pretend you are being photographed as soon as you are leaving the house and will land the cover of US Weekly. You may have to show your ID at pick up time, but you will feel fab and your husband’s face will be priceless. Results will be a guaranteed 10 in *ahem* the bedroom. Pamper yourself or go to the salon and let them do it for you. You have time to do this now, use it and flaunt it gurrrrrl. Of course we are going to cry and miss them because they look so big in their book-bags and new school clothes. They are going to be so happy at school and we should be happy for them. And they will be happy seeing us happy too. Take the time for yourself. We all know you deserve it. You worked so hard for them up until this point, and now it’s time to enjoy yourself.

Happy school year! ————————————————————————————————————————————-


It was so exciting for me to get Lauren as a guest blogger. Make sure to show her some love and go take a look at her blog Twin Tested, Pin Approved and find her on social media:) What are your thoughts and feelings when on sending your kids off to school?

*Cheers to you Lauren* Joanna