I have recently found a new love for online shopping. I used to hate it, find it to be so annoying and frustrating. But now, especially after I entered the land of motherhood and preparing to leave the house and do anything seems like it’s just too much with FOUR kiddos… that is crazy talk. Two hours later after finally getting ready, the twins need to be fed again and by time we get to where I need to be, they are all asleep in the car.

Anyone else feel my pain on this? I know that all of you mom’s out there with young children or more than one child understand me. 😉giving assistantOnline shopping has become my new best friend. But, I still wanted to be able to find good deals and benefits to online shopping like you do in the retail stores. Good news! I have found even more benefits to shopping online.

Shopping Online With Giving Assistant

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The best discovery I have made in all of the years I have shopped online, are places that allow you to actually make money back when you shop online. Yes, you heard right. You can actually EARN MONEY for shopping. This is like every shopping lovers dream, am I right?

Giving Assistant offers the highest percentage of money back out there right now. Not only can you sign up for free and get a percentage of cash back every time you online shop through the Giving Assistant website, they also have all of the coupon codes available for that store listed on their website! Since I am a makeup and beauty junkie, I buy online from Sephora and Ulta and get anywhere from 4-8% cash back every time.Amazon shoppers, prime and not prime, get a 5% cash back bonus, and if you are like me and shop their every few weeks, this is amazinggiving assistant

They offer the most up to date coupon codes that are offered on each site as well, and give a breakdown on how to use the codes on each specific website.

They also have tons of clothing stores, big department stores, online food and wine stores (you know I was all over that)… the number of stores is amazing, over 1,000! Plus, we all can find benefits in getting free cash.

One of my favorite things about this site is that they have an option to set a percentage of your cash back, and send it to the charity of your choice or one that they can choose for you. They also donate meals and money to charities as well. I love companies that give back. giving assis 1

Everything about this site is hassle-free and easy to use. If you are going to shop online regardless, why not make money while you do so:)

Click on the following link to sign up for Giving Assistant and start making money without ever leaving the house!

What are you favorite stores to use when you shop online?

*Cheers to getting the most out of our shopping habits*

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