The holidays are quickly approaching and it is time to start planning out who you are gifting what to. Every year, I try to do something special for my husband. I love getting gifts for everyone, but with him it is really fun for me to surprise him with a gift that he isn’t expecting at all. When coming up with my list of gift ideas for him this year, I thought, why not go out of comfort zone and do something that he wouldn’t expect at all?! That’s when the idea of a boudoir photo shoot came into

At first I was super nervous. Why in the heck did I think this was a good idea? However, after getting there and having the experience that I did with Femme Art Boudoir here in Arizona, I would most definitely do it again!

What gift would the special guy in your life want more than pictures of his significant other that are (obviously) just for him?

Gift Ideas for Him: A Boudoir Shoot

Working with Pamela at Femme Art Boudoir was one of the most fun and empowering experience I have ever had. From first conversations with her, to times in the session where I was obviously uncomfortable and nervous, she made the entire experience above and beyond my expectations.

Her packages come with everything that you might need to make the day and the end results exactly what you want it to be. She has a hair and makeup team that can come in and make you feel super special and dolled up before your shoot. This also gives you some time to get more comfortable in the studio and with Pamela before you let it all hang out in front of her;) I knew that I was going to like her the moment I read this on her website:

“Here at Femme Art Boudoir, I have created a unique luxury boudoir photography experience where women feel comfortable being sexy and walk away with artistic, provocative images, feeling beautiful, empowered and confident.”

It was all of the above.

dsc_4813She asked what kind of beverage I would like to have their at the studio beforehand: champagne, wine, tea, tequila… whatever I preferred. Honestly, I almost said “all of the above” but I didn’t want to make a certain impression before meeting her. So, of course, I went with champagne for our early afternoon shoot. My best friend came with me, and so she and I got to enjoy some bubbly before which really loosened me up and calmed my nerves some.dsc_5169

The shoot itself was so much fun! I am a pretty modest person in general, so I never thought that I would actually enjoy being photographed in scantily clad outfits. But, every pose that we did or outfit I changed in to almost brought on a new persona and Pamela made it extremely comfortable. We talked and laughed throughout the shoot, and there were never any moments where I didn’t feel pretty or like I knew she was going to make me look my best in these photos. A fun way to look at gift ideas for him. Give him a boudoir shoot with a photo book that he will never forget!

When I got them back, I honestly was almost in tears. I had never felt more beautiful in photos than I had in the moments that I looked at these final shots. She captured all of my best features, and all of the ones that my husband loves, while still letting my personality shine through. Obviously, the photos shared here are just some of the amazing shots that she got (some of the amazing more covered shots;)). img_5392

If you are in the Arizona area and are thinking about doing this, go see Pamela at Femme Art Boudoir. The experience was one of the best I have ever had, and I could not imagine having anyone taking these photos. She really makes the experience everything that it should be, and the results are something that the special guy in your life, and you, will love forever.

Guess what? For all of your Arizona ladies, Femme Art Boudoir has partnered up with Motherhood and Merlot to bring you a giveaway! You can win a 1 hour session at the studio with 30 images to choose from + a leather 5×7 album with 20 of those images just in time for the holidays and/or the new year! This prize is valued at over $500! 

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*Cheers to going out of our comfort zone and feeling absolutely beautiful*

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