Don’t forget about your bestie this season! Your ride or die, your person, your other non-spousal half, your partner in crime… your besties mean a lot to you (as mine do to me), so I wanted to create a list of fabulous gift ideas for friends, so that you can show them how much they mean to you!

We know we need to buy gifts for family, but we cant forget about our friends! Check out this guide for gift ideas for friends and besties.

*Some products on this list were sent to me. All of the brands and products included in this list are brands that I have tried personally, and love! There are also affiliate links in the list, which means I may make a small amount if you purchase products through my links:) Thank you for your continued support.

Gift Ideas for Friends

First and foremost, never underestimate what a good bottle of wine will do. I have a lot of wine reviews and gifts for wine lovers here on the blog, but honestly that is always a win! If you would rather go another way this year, check out this options for gift ideas for friends.

Soap by Finchberry:

Listen, I am a sucker for pretty things, and I know that some of my closest friends do too! These soaps not only smell AMAZING, but are one of the prettiest things ever.

How perfect would they be as a housewarming gift, a gift idea for a friend this holiday season, or just a little gift for yourself?

This is the gift set I will be giving this year, and I am in love with it!


I have raved about oNecklace for years now, and I think they would make the perfect holiday gift for your bestie! I love this necklace that you could split with your best friend. Doesn’t it remind you of those old friendship necklaces we used to get for our friends in middle school, but like an ultra classy version?

The also have personalized earrings, which are great if your bestie likes more simple jewelry, or everyday pieces.

You could also get a bracelet with just their name, like this. I got my best friend one this year with her little man’s name on it, and I think she is going to love it!

They have a ton more gift ideas as well! They have a lot of mother necklaces that can be personalized with their children’s names. That was my go-to gift for my mom and mother-in-law last year and they absolutely loved them.

Custom Coaster:

I love resin art, and these designs from KKResin Art are so beautiful. They would make the perfect gift for your bestie this season. You can customize the color, the glitter, the amount of sparkle, ALL OF THE THINGS.

It would make a great gift especially if your bestie lives far away, so that they always have a reminder of how much you care about them in their home. She also does cheese boards, platters, and so much more! You can find more info on how to order and see some of her amazing work here. 

Cozy Clothes: 

If you and your friends are anything like me and mine, then you all LOVE cozy clothes! I love getting pajamas, robes, and any cozy attire as gifts. It’s easy, you don’t need the sizing to be perfect, and they will get so much use out of them! Here are some of my top picks this year—>

Aromasoles: Most Fuzzy Socks (with calming scents)

These socks called Aromasoles, from MinxNY, are so cozy and soft. They come in a few adorable patterns, and the material on them is amazing. The best part about these socks is that they have built in aromatherapy infusions. From Rose and Shea, to Lavender , these socks will keep your friends cozy and comforted for the holiday season.


Faux Fur Throw

Wrap Me Up Robe from BeKoze

This new brand from Jacyln Hill screams comfort, and the material on these products looks like you would want to snuggle up in them and never come out. The robe would make a perfect gift for your bestie.

What are you getting your best friends this year?

*Here’s to the people who have seen us at our worst, and love us anyway- our besties*