Last week, we FINALLY got to find out what these little twins are that I am carrying. I have never been one that is big on surprises, and I could never just wait until after a baby is born to see whether or not they are a boy or a girl. I am too much of a planner for that. So… here is our twin gender reveal!

It has been exciting to feel them wiggle around so much more, but it is even more exciting for me when I know whether we will be having a boy, a girl, or in this case… just kidding:) You’ll have to look at the pictures to find out!

Ideas for doing a twin gender reveal. What will they bee theme for having twins. Love using cakes for gender reveals!Twin Gender Reveal

I have two extremely talented friends that helped us put this little photo shoot together ), one that took all the wonderful pictures (Photo Cred: Samantha Marie Photography) and the other who made these amazingly adorable cakes.(Cake Cred: Cakes Take Shape)

gender reveal

We really wanted our girls to be a part of it as well, although they were more interested in eating the cakes then seeing what color they were on the inside.

twin gender reveal

But they did a good job:)

gender reveal 3gender reveal 4

gender reveal 2


gender reveal 5

We are having ONE BOY and ONE GIRL.

twin gender reveal

My husband has said this entire time that he didn’t care if we had a boy, but he is so excited now that we actually are. He ran out to Target and bought them both a onesie, which he couldn’t even contain his happiness about because it was “the first piece of clothing he bought for his only son.” I can’t wait to see the bond that those two will have. I am equally as happy for both of them, and I love that we are having another little princess. Being a mom of girls so far has been my greatest joy!

gender reveal pictures

(Our oldest was not at all thrilled with the fact that she had to wait for cake)

Their names are Annabelle Louise and Oliver Jay Kenneth. Our little girls’ name was pretty much picked out soon after we found out I was pregnant, but it took until the night after we found out there was a HE in there too to really decide on it. I am big on traditional, older, family names.

Louise is my mom and my sister’s middle name, two of the most important women in my life. Although we did not know this when we named her, Annabelle is actually my great-grandmother’s name so obviously this name was meant to be:) We picked it originally because it was two names stuck together in a way, which is the same with our other two girls, and the name itself means “loving” which I am sure she will be.

Oliver is just a name that we really loved. We love the nickname “Ollie” and the meaning of his name which is “peace” and “dignity”, symbolizing the olive branch. Jay is my husband’s middle name, his dad’s middle name, his grandfather’s middle name, etc… So it was really important for our son to carry on that name as well. It was actually my husband’s idea to give him two middle names, since my dad’s name was Kenneth and he knew how much it would mean to me to have his name in there as well.

So there it is! The big reveal of our two sweet babies. One of each, and we couldn’t be happier about these additions to our family.

*Here’s to Annabelle and Oliver*

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