It’s my husband’s birthday today! The last year of his twenties, the big 29:) I wanted to do something fun for his special day, aside from the fact that we are in Virginia and he gets to celebrate here (jealous!). So, I thought I would put together a little post to share some fun facts about marriage and what it’s like to be married to this guy, how we met… you get the idea;)fun facts about marriage

Fun Facts About Marriage | Get to Know Our Story

Fun marriage facts found here.

  1. More than friendship, laughter, forgiveness, compatiblility, and sex, spouses name trust as the element crucial for a happy marriage
  2. Due to jobs, kids, TV, the Internet, hobbies, and home and family responsibilities, the average married couple spends just four minutes a day alone together.
  3. A marriage ceremony typically ends with a kiss because in ancient Rome, a kiss was a legal bond that sealed contracts, and marriage was seen as a contract

    Now, on to a little sneak peek into our life:)

  4. We actually met at Laser Quest when I was a Sophomore and he was working there during his Senior year of high school, in Washington state. My husband loves to tell the story because he gets to portray me as some bleach-blonde high school girl who apparently had a very high-pitched voice during that time…. at least I do when he retells it. If you have ever been to Laser Quest, or a laser tag of any kind, you know how dark it is in there. I won’t lie, I did have some wine coolers before we went, and I just didn’t feel like shooting anyone in the game. So, he was the “marshal” that came and had to tell me I couldn’t sit down in the middle of the arena… lame in my opinion. Then I tried to make him shoot people for me… as you can tell it was pretty much love at first sight;) We actually lost touch and randomly re-met again here in Arizona through mutual friends, and have been together ever since.
  5. We have been married for going on four years now. During those four years, we have had four children… so you can guess what our lives have consisted of (don’t think dirty!). Babies, babies, and more babies:) But, we are so blessed and thankful for our children.
  6. Speaking of kids, we have one set of twins (as if you didn’t know:)). The fun part about that is that twins don’t run anywhere in either of our families. Hence why it was such a huge surprise/shock when we found out… and probably why my husband “jokingly” threatened to jump out the 8th story window of my midwife’s office.
  7. We are the polar opposite of one another. I am a clean freak who would rather eat only vegetables for the rest of my life, while my husband doesn’t really have a desire to clean anything and he is a “meat and potatoes” only type of guy. I probably have the most sarcastic and blunt sense of humor, while he thinks that everything he says is hilarious… and everyone else does too. I am huge into health and fitness, while he considers his workout for the day “roll outs”, which consists of rolling out of bed. He is more of a craft beer guy whereas I am, obviously, a wino. We are the epitome of “opposites attract”.10298403_780507911968294_5659193971209509111_o

Happy birthday hubby! 

*Cheers to our significant others*

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