Let’s just say it like it is… finding motivation, especially as a mom, can be difficult. We are tired. For me, I am constantly doing things every day to make sure our family of 6 is taken care of, our house isn’t a total disaster, and everyone survives. That’s a lot of work! I wanted to share some things I have learned about finding motivation as a mom and share them here.

There are periods of time, like after I had my first daughter, that I was not motivated to do anything. I figured, “I take care of and feed a little human all day, that’s pretty much what I am good for right now.” No ma’am. Do not let yourself get into that rut!

A sweet mama I know reached out to me and asked me about this very topic. She is a mama to multiple kiddos (lots of boys) and said it was difficult for her to want to get ready all of the time and find the motivation to do things for herself. I can totally understand that!

Finding Motivation As A Mom

Give Yourself A Break: Someone once told me that you should make sure you are ready every single day when your husband comes home. Makeup, dressed, hair done. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! I do not, DO NOT get ready every day. I rarely wear makeup more than twice a week unless I have a photo shoot or event to go to. I don’t believe that you have to completely glam yourself up to be motivated.

If you are one of those people who feels better and more motivated after putting makeup on, then that should be part of your routine (see below). I find that even a smoothing or hydrating primer, some mascara, and a little highlight can really brighten up the face and make you look awake and ready to take on the day. Hopefully, it will make you feel that well as well!

But to be real, I am not just going to wear makeup for my kids. I love them, but I don’t need a full face to just hangout with them all day. Give yourself a break and don’t feel like you have to be full-faced with hair done and heels on every day of the week to get motivated.

Develop A Routine: If you follow me on Instagram, or are subscribed to my email list (YOU SHOULD BE :)) to get all of the updates, then you would have seen that have been really committed to my nutrition and exercise program. I was always motivated to workout from home, since looking back at pictures of myself after my first daughter… *insert monkey covering face emoji*

Post Baby #1 2012

June 2017 Photo by Karla Yazuri Photography

Now, it is where I get a lot of my motivation from to stay healthy. In the first picture, I was about 20 pounds too heavy, and eating like crap. I also never worked out, except to be used as a milk-maker. I also didn’t know how to do my brows… but we will save that for another day.

I have found that exercise makes me a happier mom, and it gives me that time in the morning (my exercise time of choice) to be alone and just get prepared for the day ahead with my four crazies. I get up, every week day (and every other Saturday) to go workout. There are a lot of days that I do NOT want to be there, but I always feel better after I do. This is my routine. If I quite going for a day or two, then I find it is so much harder to want to pick it back up again.

Whatever your routine is, stick with it. Find something that you makes you feel more motivated, makes you feel better about yourself, and gives you some energy to get through the day with your kid(s).

Get Together With A Friend Who Gets It: It is necessary as a mom to have close friends who have been in our shoes and who understand what it’s like to lose motivation for ourself. Having that friend to spend some time with and vent to or laugh with, is vital to refresh our minds and motivate us to be better, for ourselves and for our families.

I video chat with one of my besties, who lives a million miles from me it feels like, and these moments are when I actually get to feel sane. She helps me stay on track, supports the things I am doing for myself, and all of these things help me to stay motivated. Good friends are gold!

Go After What You Are Passionate About: For the longest time, I had it stuck in my head that going to school and being a mom were it for me. It was what I was “supposed” to do, although I wasn’t completely passionate about my schooling (always passionate about being a mom). Now, I have come into my own sense of self with my blog and as a social media influencer, and I could not be more passionate about it!

I love connecting with the people who follow me and read my blog, and getting to know them better. All of this motivates me and keeps me motivated to do better and to put the work in on a daily basis. Having something that you are passionate about is an excellent means of finding motivation as a mom, or anyone for that matter.

What are some of the ways you are finding motivation as a mom, whether you are a SAHM or you work outside of the home, or a little of both? 

*Cheers to being motivated to take care of ourselves, as well as our families*

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