I hope everyone had a wonderful February! This month was so short, as always, but it seems like it really flew by!

The theme of Ipsy for February was #ipsylove. Very fitting, and obvious, for the month of Valentines Day. The actual bag for this month as absolutely adorable though! If I have one consistent compliment for Ipsy, it is the cute factor of the bags that they send their products in.

ipsy bag review 2015

Here is my review on this month’s bag, from best products to the not-so-great products.

February Ipsy Review

Model Co Blush in “Peach Bellini”: The best product in my bag this month was the blush. It is very soft and smooth, not at all chalky like some blushes can be. The color is absolutely beautiful. It is a peach base with a golden sheen in it. There is no chunky gold glitter or sparkle, just a golden shine over top of the peach. It is very pigmented and build-able as well, so you can really pack on the orangey-coral color or just wear it more as a light wash. This is the perfect color for spring and summer. The only downside is the staying power, which isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either. ipsy feb 3

Rob Scheppy for ‘tini beauty Eyeshadow in “Pearl Fizz”: Another good product this month, this eyeshadow is gorgeous. It’s a great brow highlight or all over color for the lid. The product itself is soft, creamy and pretty pigmented. It is a little bit powdery when you use it with a fluffy brush, so you just can’t be too hard on it when dipping in with a brush. It would also double as a subtle but stunning champagne cheek highlight, which is probably what I will use it most for. The only downfall of this was the cheap, plastic packaging that I think might break if I dropped it one time. But the logo on the front, a martini glass, ADORABLE!ipsy feb 4

Eva Nye Up All Night Volumizing Spray: These hair products are always a hit or miss for me. This one actually providing noticeable volume when I used it before blow drying, although the volume didn’t last as long as I would’ve wanted. But, my hair is terrible at holding volume so I was pleasantly surprised that it gave it any at all! Using it on dry hair is not the way to go, even though it says you can. The product leaves the hair too damp to provide volume. The smell is decent. It smells like a hair salon combined with a slight floral scent. Overall, a good product and decent sized sample.ipsy feb 5

City Color Creamy Lip Stain in “Flirtini”: I have a love-hate relationship with this product. The color is SO PRETTY! One of the most perfect mauvy-pink shade I have ever seen. The formula goes on very smooth, it isn’t drying to the lips at all, and it does provide a light stain. I wish the staying power and staining power were both better though, because when something calls itself a “lip stain”, I expect to have to scrub that bad boy off at the end of the day. It would’ve been awesome if it dried matte. The hate part comes with the smell. It smells like paint thinner or gasoline, something along those lines. An extremely chemical smell that I could not wear right under my nose for a day. This made me so sad because I was really excited about how amazing the color is. ipsy feb 1

Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask: This is one of those sheet masks that are really damp with product and you lay them over your face for about 15 minutes. This particular mask states that it provides a deep hydration combined with the benefits of hyaluronic acid. It “drenches skin with a bottle of serum, boosts hydration and restores firmness”. I had two of these masks in my bag, and after trying them both I still was not impressed. For one, they broke me out. I have sensitive skin so this may not be the case for everyone. I also didn’t notice any firmness to my skin afterwords and it almost left a sticky residue from the amount of serum leftover on my face. You are supposed to pat this in, which I did, but the coating that was left on my face, I didn’t like at all. Not a fan of this product.ipsy feb 2

February Ipsy was better then most of the other months I have had. There were decent products in there, although still no big winners for me. I won’t be continuing with Ipsy after this month, but stay tuned next month for my Stitch Fix review! I need a new beauty subscription now.

*Here’s to some things working and some things just not*

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