“Red, Red, Wine…”

I cannot even believe I am saying this now, but I used to hate red wine. Hate It!

But of course, over the years, my palate has matured along with my personality;) If I had to pick between whites and reds, red wine would come out on top almost every time.

These are some that are constantly at the top of my list. They are all, of course, under $30 because I am not one to reach for an expensive bottle of wine unless it’s a special occasion, and every night can’t be one of those!


good red wines

List of Wonderful Red Wines

  • Dreaming Tree “Crush” Red Blend: Ever since my older brother introduced me to this, I always have it in stock around my house. It is now my favorite red wine. It has beat out other wines that I’ve tried that sell for $75+. The flavors of smoked berry, sweet raspberry and smooth drinkability win you over after the first glass. Not to mention, it’s $15 price tag. With a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel and Syrah, this red will be your go-to table wine, gift wine, or when you just want a glass of goodness!
  • “Challis Lane” California Merlot: This was the very first wine that I ever reviewed on Motherhood and Merlot. The key notes are black cherry, plum and vanilla which makes for a delicious combination. It is right in the middle of dry and sweet, with a slight tartness to it. It can be found for around $13 and makes for a great weeknight glass of red.
  • Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 537 Old Vine Zinfandel: This is my favorite out of all the Cameron Hughes Wines that I reviewed in this post. I love the way that the flavors play together, without being too overpowering. Some Zinfandels have too much of that peppery/smokey flavor, it really ruins the wine for me. This is a balanced zin, with some great flavor notes and an amazing price point.
  • “19 Crimes.” Red Wine: This is a relatively new find for me. first of all, the bottle is amazing and very fitting for the title. It has an early pioneers vibe and is what originally drew me in to begin with. The smell almost brings you back to those times are well with an almost smokey wood and fruit scent. The flavor is perfectly balanced between the wines that have been blended together to create this delight. It’s very easy to drink, with smooth, rich flavors of sweet berry (I’d say strawberry),  a slight oak flavor and little bit of cocoa flavor to finish it off.  Plus, it was around $9. Go get it, right now! I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • “wine sisterhood” Red Blend: I was writing a post on the trials of friendship last week, which was not really the most pleasant topic to cover.  My husband went to get me a bottle of red, and came back with this one since he must have thought I needed a dose of “sisterhood” in my life:) This wine did not disappoint! It smells as good as it tastes; velvety smooth with flavors of spiced cherry and light vanilla. It is perfect for lunch, dinner, and of course to enjoy with some friends or sisters! You can find this wine for around $12.
  • “Pacific Redwood” Organic Pinot Noir: For those that love eating and drinking organic, this is a red that you will love. It is certified organic from Napa Valley. It has a great balance of tart and sweet from the notes of blackberry along with berries and nutmeg. To me, the flavor is lighter then most other Pinot Noir’s I have had. This does not make it bad by any means. It is simple, light, and very pleasant on the palate, also on the wallet at about $12.
wine quote

My MIL got me a set of coasters with quotes like this one.. obviously she knows the way to my heart:)


Apparently, I also have a thing for red blends as well as Pinot Noir. What is your favorite red wine? Comment below with the type or brand. I am always looking for new wines to try that others enjoy!

Be on the lookout for a follow-up to this post on some white wines that I also love and think that everyone should at least try.

*Cheers to… well actually, just “Cheers!”

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