Carrie: Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?

Samantha: I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit.

-Sex and the City

To me, fashion is a necessity. If someone asked me what my ideal day would be, I would say spending it on 5th Avenue in NYC buying and taking in all of the beautiful clothing and accessories, with no budget of course! Hey, a girl can dream right?

I do not feel complete if I walk out of the house in an outfit that I am not happy with. Don’t get me wrong, I am not always dressed to the 9’s in high heels and fancy dresses, but I do believe in using clothing to make yourself feel beautiful. It is not about what others will think, fashion is a sense of self that is unique to everyone. If it makes YOU feel good and gorgeous, wear it.

This season, along with the Skater Skirt trend that I previously posted on, flowers are in the air! Floral print, in all of its gorgeousness, just sings spring and summer! From any and all items of clothing, to shoes and bags, to statement necklaces, it is truly one of those trends that can be put on anything and look absolutely lovely!

It can be a little intimidating, only because we as women never want to look older or dated, and some floral patterns may or may not remind us of our grandmother. But hey, why is this a bad thing? I think my grandmother was beautiful! Agreed? Regardless, there are so many ways to make this trend look fresh, blooming and beautiful!

Favorite Floral Print Looks

(I have added links to similar styles for each of the items listed, if I cannot find the original)

wpid-testUpload.png1. Bright Floral Print Crop Top:

The crop top is HUGE this season, so why not throw two trends into one? As a mom, I was a little wary about the crop top only because I want to look LIKE A MOM, especially when I am with my girls. But, this crop that I found at Nordstrom, is a little


longer then most and paired with some ivory, chiffon palazzo pants not only keeps me looking decent and

not too exposed, but makes me feel chic and classy! A floral print top is brightand eye-catching, but it isn’t over-the-top with a neutral pant. THis would also be a great idea for a night out if you wanted to add some pointed toe stilettos.

2. Floral Print Bottoms:

This print can be put onto anything I look great! It is so feminine, but can also bemore edgy if you so desire. Pair white floral shorts with any loose-fitting top for an easy but adorable summer look that is girly and quick to throw together!


 You can also add some edge with a black floral skirt, a sleeveless logo tee and some studded booties from Shoedazzle (check out this site if you’ve never been. wpid-testUpload.png

They have great deals,       an awesome VIP plan and the shoes quality is fantastic) if you want to tone down the girly nature of floral print and tone up the sass. I have also seen plenty of floral skirts mixed with a striped top which is fun and unexpected!

3. Multi-tone Floral Heels and Accessories

I would never turn down a good shoe. They are probably my favorite things to shop for and collect. A floral print platform can be glamorous with just a little black dress, skinny jeans.. the listgoes on! I got mine at Macy’s a few years ago (seen in my skater skirt post)  but here are a couple of similar options that are so fun! – Charlotte RusseAli Express


Don’t be afraid to put smaller flower details elsewhere as well! You can find rings, necklaces like this beautiful Floral Gem Necklace from DailyLook, watches, clutches (here is another similar to the one shown on ASOS) and so much more with some type of flower design on them this season, they are everywhere! Forever 21 is a great place to find cheap, on trend accessories.

4. Vibrant Floral Maxi Dress

                                                                                        Maxi dress are an amazing thing. They are easy to throw on, they can be dressed up, dressed down, they fit all body types, arewpid-testUpload.png made in so many styles and patterns, one of the most versatile closet staples for a woman to own in my opinion!

wpid-testUpload.png Pair a bright, floral maxi with some wedges and you are good to go for a perfect summer outfit! I found this dress on Zulily (such a great, discounted site for women and kids, this particular deal ended), here it is on Haute Swan, available for purchase.



How do you style floral print? Send me pictures or let me know in the comments!

*Cheers to being bright, blooming and fancy in floral*