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When the holidays start to roll around, make-up companies bring out the big guns with their amazing, beautiful and usually pretty well priced holiday gift sets and palettes.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing some for you right here at Motherhood and Merlot. Hopefully, this will help you to get a better look at the sets and their quality to see if the beauty lover in your life would like them as a Christmas gift. Or, to see if you just want to get it for yourself!

The first one up on our beauty lovers wish list is the…

Too Faced “La Belle Carousel” Set

Let me start off by saying the overall packaging of this gift set is absolutely adorable. Any girly girl would love adore it just for that aspect alone. You could stick a bow on the top and call it a day!

This set retails for $49, so it is a tad on the expensive side. However, it comes with a huge range of products.

This is what comes in the entire set all laid out.

  • 3 eyeshadow quads in different shade families.
  • 2 blush/bronzer combos
  • Deluxe Sample of the Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara

too faced la belle carouse

The individual eyeshadow quads all have holiday-themed names. The quality of most of them is amazing, soft, easy to blend and you can create some gorgeous looks with them. My only complaint about some of the more glittery shadows is that there is a TON of fall-out, so make sure to do your eye look before you finish your face make-up. That is, if you keep this for yourself;)

The first is this amazing smokey eye quad with an amazing green shade called “Christmas Tree”. This was one of the shades that really drew me into this set in the first place. It’s a rich forest green color with some slight sparkle to it. “Santa’s Boots” is a deep charcoal color. “Tin Solider” is a metallic silver that looks so pretty with the green shade. “Frost” is probably my least favorite out of these 4 because it is so glittery that I wouldn’t really use it as a highlight shade. too faced la belle carouse

The next eyeshadow quad is your neutrals, with some amazing browns and golds. “Yule Log” is your darkest color with some bronze-gold glitter. This is one of those shades though that has a lot of fall-out as well because of the glitter in it, although it’s great once you build it up. “Haute Chocolate” is the perfect chocolate shimmer color that would like great on its own, or with other shadows. “Angel Hair” is an amazing gold that goes beautifully with “Yule Log”. “Tufted Suede” is a perfect transition color.


too faced 9

The last eyeshadow group is my favorite of the bunch, probably because purple-tones really make brown eyes like mine stand out. “Nutcracker” gives any eye look life! I have been using it non-stop with all of my make-up looks as a brow and inner corner highlight. This is the silkiest and one of the best highlight shades EVER. “Nude Beach” is really pretty, almost like a glittery champagne shade.  “Boxes & Bows” is a gorgeous rose gold shade that is perfect with any type of purple in the crease. “Sugar Plum Fairy” slightly disappointed me. It’s a gorgeous color when swatched but there is so much fall out and you really have to work with small amounts to build up the color.

too faced la belle carouseHere is a look I did using only these four shadows and “Tufted Suede” from the neutral quad.

too faced eye look


The blush and bronzer combos are a really great size. They include “Chocolate Soleil” and “Whos Your Poppy” in one, and “Sun Bunny” with “Luminous Peach” in the other. I adore the Chocolate Soleil bronzer so much. I think it’s perfect for contouring as well as bronzing up the face. The “Who’s Your Poppy” blush is just okay. It’s a warm peach color with A LOT of shimmer. I was not a huge fan of the other combo because I rarely use shimmery bronzer, although the colors and pigmentation of both were spot on. too faced la belle carousel

I wish one of the blushes included in this would have been matte. I am not a huge fan of shimmery blush, but I know some people are. I am also so happy they gave such a large portion of the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer because it is one of my favorites. Not to mention, it really does smell like delicious chocolate. Don’t eat your bronzer ladies! 🙂

I also may be the only person on the planet who dislikes this mascara. Everyone raves about it but I just was not impressed. The wand is not my style, but the product inside would be great with a different one. I have also heard the sample is different then the full-sized… who knows. The curve in the middle of the wand just throws me off.

too faced la belle carouse

If you didn’t want to give this entire set as a gift to one person, another neat feature is that each can be separated from the carousel packaging and written on individually. This would be great for stocking stuffers especially.

too faced la belle carouse

Overall, I think this set is extremely good quality and you get a lot for the price. This set can be purchased from Sephora, Macys , Ulta or from Amazon.

There you have it! The first holiday make-up set review. What do you think, will you be purchasing this set as a gift or for your own collection?

What other make-up sets have you seen this holiday season that you are dying to get your hands on?

*Cheers to the beauty that the holidays bring*

joanna at motherhood and merlot