For the past few months, my husband and I have been looking for something that would keep our rug from slipping all over the hard word floor in our living room. We had looked at some rug pads but for what they were and the quality, I was not impressed.

Needless to say, we tried a few things to make the rug stay put. We tried to put furniture on top for a little while, but I hated the way that looked. We moved it into our bedroom for a little while where it was on top of regular carpet, but it still bunched up.

Check out these amazing eco-friendly rug pad options. Perfect for families or individuals, and they last forever!Our last effort as of late was to try those Velcro strips that stick to your floor and the rug itself… this is supposed to Velcro the two together. We put 6 of those bad boys around the perimeter of our rug and they only lasted about a week before they no longer stayed attached. Plus, my 1 year old figured out how to lift up the rug and proceeded to try to eat the Velcro strips.

When I was contacted by Rug Pad Corner to review their rug pads, of course I said “yes” after all the methods we had tried and the damage our poor floor received from those Velcro stickers… nightmare!

Disclaimer: The rug pad was sent to me for review. All opinions about the product are my own and always 100% honest.

Eco-Friendly Rug Pad from Rug Pad Corner

All rugs pads from Rug Pad Corner are manufactured in the United States. The Ultra Premium pad, which is the one that I received for a review, it said to protect the rug and the floor from damage as well as not sticking to, marking, or damaging the floor. The pad is also said to last up to 20 years. It is 1/3″ thick and they have a variety of shapes and sizes that can fit many different carpets and floor needs. They also do custom cuts for those really fancy rug shapes:)

eco friendly rug pad

With these claims, I was really excited to try it because of the damage our floor had suffered from the Velcro attachments (if you can’t tell, I HATE those things). The pad did not cause any scratch marks, sticky spots, or any damage to our floor since we have had it, and trust me, my girls have put it to the test.

This pad gives a nice cushion to the rug without making it look too bulky. It also doesn’t have that chemical smell that some rug pads do, which I can’t stand. Yes, I did smell it as soon as I pulled it out of the packaging. 🙂

It was really easy to install, you just unroll it, place it where you want and then lay your rug on top of the felt side. Also, super easy to clean as you can just vacuum it when you vacuum your regular carpet, and this is not a necessary step every time you do so.rug pad from rug pad corner

The number one reason that I am extremely happy with this product is because it prevents slipping without doing any damage to the floor. My girls run, jump, dance, slide, all kinds of things on the carpet and with this pad, it has not budged through all of that. It is also a much softer landing for them when they try to do acrobat moves as toddlers. Kids will be kids!

I also received a few of the super hold rugs which are all natural rubber pads that prevent rug slipping in areas like the bathroom. These have been great for just that.

I would recommend these to anyone who is in the market. They are a decent price, high quality and all of the customer service that I received was wonderful. You can check out their website to order here.

UPDATE: It has been 2 years, and 2 house moves later, and these rug pads are still going strong! 

*Cheers to eco-friendly materials that last*

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