Displaying Beauty Together – A Sunday Reflection

As I was reflecting on this week, I cannot even express how thankful I am to have this opportunity as the very first week of Motherhood and Merlot comes to a close.
In church this morning, my pastor started a new series on the issues surrounding racism, sexism, generation gaps. He said “living this out is uncomfortable, hard work filled with great beauty.” Wow! It made me really think hard on the importance of understanding and acknowledging the beauty in everyone, no matter what their race, age, cultural background, or whatever the difference is. 
One of my dearest friends is a native Hawaiian, one of the most gorgeous women inside and out that I have ever seen. Her and I probably don’t look like two people who would have hit it off like we did but our friendship is just SOLID. When things go wrong in our lives, sometimes we just didn’t know what to say to one another so we just grabbed the others hand. In moments of friendship like that, none of the differences matter in the least. This is how it should be always! We need friendships with other women who aren’t exactly like us or who we aren’t exactly “comfortable” with. 
I hope that everyone and anyone, enjoys this site and the posts in it. It is my desire that everyone finds some sort of joy, individual beauty or something new that they can appreciate about themselves and others around them. 
Share this with someone who may not have the same taste in fashion or beauty or the same parenting styles. We may find that we are all much more alike then we thought. It may be as simple as enjoying a glass of the same wine together! Get outside your comfort zone and lift others up! That’s my own personal goal for the week:) What’s yours?

*Heres to the beauty in everyone*