I was sitting here this morning thinking about the go-go-go of my day. I work from home, so it doesn’t include leaving the house most of the time. I’m a stay at home mom who also works and goes to school from home… Who am I kidding? I think leaving the house with four kids is nuts. I thought it might be fun to share a little sneak peak into what life is like around our house in a typical day.

mom of fourA Day in the Life of a Mom of Four

6 am: Wake up to the twins screaming at one another and my toddler poking me in the eye.

6:01 am: The same toddler asking me repeatedly if I can make her breakfast before I’ve even gotten out of bed.

6:15 am: Change twins. Clean up diaper blow out mess that one, or both, of them have had.

7 am: Breakfast time. Feed the older two and one twin.

7:15 am: Clean up after older two, feed the other twin.

7:30 am: Breakfast for mom.

7:40 am: Dishes from breakfast

8 am: Workout

8:30 am: Pause workout to put kids in timeout for fighting.

9 am: Change diapers. Twins go down for a nap, get older two and snack and take shower.

9:30 am: Open computer to do school work

9:31 am: Toddlers come in wondering what I’m doing and if I can play with them.

10-11 am: Work until twins wake up from nap. Then change the diapers of said twins.

11:30 am: Lunch time for older two and one twin.

11:45 am: Lunch for the other twin.

Noon: Clean up after lunch, make lunch for myself.

12:30 pm: Clean up my lunch mess

12:45 pm: Put toddler down for a nap

1:30 pm: Change diapers. Put twins down for a nap

1:45 pm: Mommy and me time with my oldest

2:30-4 pm: Work

4:30 pm: Start to make dinner, pick up house before husband gets home.

5:15 pm: Dinner time

5:45 pm: Clean up after dinner

6 pm: Bath time for all four kids

6:15-7 pm: Kids have play time with dad and mom has a glass or three of wine.

7 pm: Twins bedtime.

8 pm: Older two go to bed

Silence. Ahhh:) 

Notice I never mention “get ready”, because on a typical day… I don’t. 🙂

As a mom, does your day look anything like this?

*Cheers to the golden silence at the end of the day*

joanna at motherhood and merlot