If you have been following this blog for awhile then you know that my three-year-old is our little comedian. Some of the things that she says and does are absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe that they are coming from her. From one of my very first posts on her toothpaste fiasco, to her random quotes throughout the day, she keeps us on our toes!

I was thinking about all of the things that come out of her mouth and I can’t help but laugh. At the time, they may not be the most appropriate things, and many times she is regurgitating my own words back at me. But, they are hilarious when looking back at the situation.

crazy things kids say

So, from my crazy toddler to you all, I hope these bring a smile to your face like they do to mine!

Crazy Things Toddlers Say

  • You’re making me so crazy!
  • Lie down my baby love( to her little sister… She hears me say it way too much).
  • Can I paint the house in glitter to make it so, so sparkling? (After she decided to color on the walls in yellow crayon.)
  • I had to poop so bad it’s driving me me insane!
  • Mom, can you please give me some space? I’m trying to take a picture.
  • The bug is going to get inside of the house and kill us! (In hysterics, crying and screaming over the bug I refuse to kill and just covered with something until my husband got home)
  • I’m so tired of being a crazy person. I don’t want to do crazy things anymore, it makes me so disappointed.
  • Mom, did you kill the spider with a shoe? Very clever! (What toddler says “very clever”?)
  • While I was on the hunt for my phone: “Ummm it’s in the big girl potty mommy.”
    What??? So I frantically searched all the bathrooms in the house, not IN the toilets thankfully. But still lost. So I ask her to go get it from wherever she saw her sissy put it…. Hiding underneath the plastic toddler toilet wrapped up in a washcloth. I should’ve known.
  • Sissy is making me so frustrated. She needs to go in time-out for not listening to me.
  • “I’m so brave. I’m so, so brave”… she says as she is on the toilet trying to go to the bathroom. Apparently, number two calls for bravery!

And last, but certainly one of the most entertaining, a typical conversation with my child. Enjoy!

I can’t wait until she turns 6 or 7 and really just starts to speak her mind. I think she will be the definition of #nofilter.

*Here’s to the free entertainment that we get from our children*

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