Welcome back to our second day of the 12 Days of Blogmas! If you missed the Holiday Bucket Lists and introduction, you can click the link above to go read more:)

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The topic today is “Christmas printable”, so I thought I would put together something for kiddos that I know my own have enjoyed, and I hope yours do as well. (PDF versions available under printable photos)

I love using unique printables to make things like writing a letter to Santa, making a wish list, or decorating the house for the holidays more personal. These are specifically geared towards kiddos and some of their favorite Christmas activities.

Christmas Printable

My older girls are obsessed with setting out treats for Santa, but they can’t forget his helpers too! We’ve always done milk and cookies, and carrots. This year, we didn’t want to leave out the elves! They need treats too.

christmas printable santas menu

Download PDF heresantas menu

Make sure to help your kids write their letters to Santa, and hopefully check off the “nice” box this year;) We wrote our letters before Thanksgiving and my girls were so excited! They even got to meet “Santa” and put letters in his mailbox.

christmas printable

Download PDF here: santa letter


Now… to the best part!
Every year for the 12 Days of Blogmas we do a huge giveaway in the spirit of the holiday season. This year, we are giving away a gift card to Amazon so that you can get all of your Christmas shopping finished for the year, and maybe buy a little something for yourself if you want:) Enter the giveaway below.

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*Cheers to a very Merry Christmas and a prize to top off the gift-giving season*

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