My daughter ate poop. The term “potty mouth” has officially been taken to a whole new level.

Yes, you read that correctly. This was how the weekend started around the Clute household. I can say that this is a new “motherhood first” for me. Hopefully, first and only.

After a long day out and about on Saturday, it was bath time. Our girls love the bath and taking one together. All was well… for the first 5 minutes.


Then my husband is yelling at me to come help him get the girls out because one went to the bathroom. I took my 10-month-old out and was trying to rinse her off in the sink. I kept smelling that awful smell…

That’s when I realized that it was IN HER MOUTH.

She had eaten the it after she pooped in the tub. I was wiping it out of her mouth and gagging simultaneously. I had to tell my husband to take her and finish the job because I was about to lose my dinner. This was by far the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in my three years as a mother.dealing with gross moments as a parent

What To Do When Your Kid Eats Poop

  • Vomit– Not them. You! I am usually so good about keeping my self composed when gross situations happen with my kids. As moms, we kind of just expect disgusting and odd things to happen from time to time… but I could not handle this. Sometimes, the situation is too much for even the most iron stomachs to deal with. So if you need to puke, just accept it.
  • Freak out– I am such a clean freak and a nut about hygiene, so of course, my first thought is “Do I get the Ipecac to induce vomiting?”  I called my sister, who is a nurse and also my personal Web M.D., to ask what I should do. Well, let’s just say she couldn’t give me a straight answer for a little while due to the fact that she was laughing so hysterically, there was no room for words. Motherhood is filled with “freak outs” such as these, that others may find hilarious. (We do to… eventually)
  • Realize they will be fine– No, eating a small amount of excrement probably doesn’t warrant a trip to the E.R., although you may think that at first, like I did. However, they will probably eat many more revolting things in their lifetime. I read on a Poison Control Center website that it could cause symptoms like minor food poisoning, which is obviously something to be watched but not overly alarming.
  • Still be grossed out for hours… maybe days after– I could not even look at my little 10 month old for hours without replying the nastiness, as she walked around the house smiling like nothing had happened. I especially couldn’t kiss her on the face for a little while. We all love that cute little face of our child, but the level of “gross” lingers for a little bit.

    baby face

    Face of PURE GUILT right here

  • Laugh– After your gag reflex calms down and you clean everything up, you’ll have a good laugh about it. Even reading this post days later, I still find the whole situation hilarious, and definitely one for the books!

I can now check this off the parenting list. Goodie.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Please tell me the story, we can have a good laugh together about our wonderful and sometimes unbelievably disgusting times as parents:)

*Cheers to something new for the baby book*