Last week, we had the chance to celebrate our (now) 5YO daughter. It was out first birthday part here in Virginia, and I wanted to make sure it was special for her. I have done quite a few parties and themes now, and I was really trying to think of something new. We came up with the idea for a camping themed party, and it was a hit with her!

It was actually one of my favorite themes I have done, so it was a lot of fun to put together.

Kid's birthday parties are always fun, and this camping themed party is perfect for the spring, summer, or fall birthday season! Menu, decor, and more ideas

With the fall season here, a camping themed party is very fitting, and there are a ton of products and items that you can use for it. We even used acorns that I had my kids collect from outside. Free, easy to get, and fun for them!

Camping Themed Party


Almost all of the decorations were purchased on Amazon. I LIVE for Amazon, and it made it so easy to have it all in place. Plus, they had a lot of options for a camping themed party, at varying price points, which I appreciated.


The Menu:

  • Sleeping Bags- Pinwheel Sandwiches
  • Sticks- Pocky Sticks
  • Forest Foliage- Veggies in the shape of a tree and Dip
  • Grizzly Bears- Gummy Bears
  • Fish Bait- Gummy Worms
  • Pinecone or Hedgehog Cheese Dip- Cheese ball formed in the shape of a pinecone.
  • Chocolate Cupcakes with Tree Toppers and wraps from Amazon
  • Logs- Kit Kats
  • Forest Berries and Dip- Fruit bowl with a marshmallow fluff dip.
  • Hot Dogs 
  • Trail Mix 
  • S’mores- Deconstructed S’mores bar.
  • Caprese Canoes – Bite size caprese salad appetizers. 

I worked with a local baker here in VA, Dulce Num Nums, and she made the most adorable cookies for the party. They were all camping themed, but also with a feminine touch to them.

I think that the s’mores stick was my favorite, but I honestly cannot choose. The details were stunning and they taste amazing too!

The party was a blast, and she LOVED it.

You can get the printables I used here.

Or shop the decor and goodies below.

*Cheers to camping themed party ideas, that don’t involve real insects or sleeping outside 😉