I have a really exciting wine review to share with you all today, in partnership with Cameron Hughes wine.

Cameron Hughes wine has been around since 2001, started by Cameron Hughes himself. The winery puts out around 30 different bottles of wine every year. They are different from other wine companies in that they do not grow or make their own wine. Rather, Mr. Hughes maintains quality relationships with world-class vineyards and winemakers to negotiate high quality wine at the best prices. He’s able to do this because he sells direct to the customer, there are no middle men inflating traditional retail costs.

Exciting new post all about various Cameron Hughes wine review, a company that sells high quality wine at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy.

I love companies that work for the people, and not solely for the purpose of making money, and I feel like the Cameron Hughes Wine team does just that. They really love good wine, and want everyone to be able to try a $100 bottle of Pinot at a $30 price tag. Yes, please!

*This post was sponsored by Cameron Hughes wine. As always, all of the opinions on the products featured in this post are my own, and 100% honest. I would never recommend something to you all that I did not try, and love, myself. 

Cameron Hughes Wine Review

Cameron Hughes Lot 537

2015 Old Vine Zinfandel

This specific Zinfandel is out of Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. This wine is made  fruit sourced from 60 year-old estate vines aged in 40% new American oak.

Bouquet: Vanilla, with ripe strawberry and an underlying smokey nose

Tasting Notes: You immediately get the ripe fruit notes of blackberry in this wine, with a sweetness. You get a hint of the black pepper spice, and a hint of what tastes like smoke to me on the finish (what I would wager to be the combination of the whiskey and oak). So many wonderful layers of flavor in this wine.

Overall, this wine is a huge win for me. I love the way that the flavors play together, without being too overpowering. Some Zinfandels have too much of that peppery/smokey flavor, it really ruins the wine for me. This is a balanced zin, with some great flavor notes and an amazing price point. You can check it out for yourself, and the rest of the wines mentioned in this post, by clicking any of the Cameron Hughes Wine links listed in the post:) Don’t forget to use the code SIPWINE15.

Cameron Hughes Lot 609

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cab is out of Napa Valley, and retails for around $35. While is on the higher end of the wines we are reviewing today, it’s original label retails this wine at over $120! In my opinion, this wine is a must-have for that reason alone.

Bouquet: A hint of licorice with black cherry and maybe plum

Tasting Notes: Full of ripe berry, a lot of richness, and great tannins. Best if decanted before drinking (I did mine for 30 minutes). It is very smooth, with a long, full finish.

Overall, I LOVE this wine. It is by far my favorite of all the wines I sampled in this Cameron Hughes Wine Review. Not a surprise, since Cabs are my favorite. This boldness of this particular cab is so delicious, and wonderful to enjoy.

I may or may not go buy an ENTIRE case of just this wine before it runs out, so that I can age a few of the bottles. SO YUMMY!

Cameron Hughes Lot 565

2015 Pinot Noir


This Pinot Noir is out of the Rouge River Valley on the California/Oregon border, and retails for about $15 a bottle. The original label on this wine is about $40. It is slightly lighter in color than a typical Pinot.

Bouquet: Black Cherry, Hint of nutmeg or cinnamon

Tasting Notes: A lot of plum with a hint of spice.

Overall, this was a good wine. I have been leaning more towards Cabs over Pinot, so to me, this was a little bit on the sweet side for a red, and in my opinion I would have liked a little more depth of flavor. While it was not my personal favorite, it is a good quality wine though, and I think it would be the perfect weeknight dinner table addition.

Cameron Hughes Lot 558

2016 Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc is from Napa Valley. It retails for around $13 on the Cameron Hughes Wine website, which is again, such a great deal!

Bouquet: Apple, hint of floral

Tasting Notes: Very fruity and easy to drink. There are some underlying citrus notes, without being overly acidic. You pick up the the notes of melon near the finish, which balances nicely and prevent it from being too sweet, or having too many citrus notes.

Overall, I like this lot of Sauv Blanc. It is a little light, and I could see it pairing really well with summer afternoon brunches and a simple wine and cheese afternoon. Thankfully, it is still very warm here in Arizona, so I can still pair it in this way. It is very refreshing, and I liked it best chilled at about 52 degrees in my wine fridge.

Cameron Hughes Lot 576

2016 Chardonnay

This 2016 Chardonnay is from Arroyo Seco in Monterey County. It retails for about $14 and the Arroyo Seco Chard is the all-time best selling white wine at Cameron Hughes Wine.

Bouquet: Pear and Vanilla with a hint of citrus

Tasting Notes: Right away, you get notes of citrus and sweet vanilla. There is a hint of pear a just a light amount of acidity on the finish. This is a very smooth and easy to drink Chardonnay.

I love that this not overly dry and acid, and it also doesn't lean to an extremely citrus Chard. It is very even-keel and the notes play really well off of one another. If you are a Chardonnay lover, you will really enjoy this white wine.

Cameron Hughes Lot 549

2015 Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is from Eola-Amity Hills, and it retails for around $15. Normally, the wine from the original label sells for around $40 or more.

Bouquet: Sweet pineapple

Tasting Notes: Heavy on the pineapple and lemon with a hint of sweetness. Mineral finish.

I don't normally love a lot of oak in my Chard, so I was glad that this one was very light in that department. It very simple in that it doesn't have layers upon layers of flavor, but it is well balanced. This wine tastes much better when it is served slightly chilled, but not extremely cold, like the Chardonnay above.

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I am so impressed with these wines and this company. I completely respect and appreciate the way that they do business, and how they work to provide great wines at a great price. I can't wait to get my hands on more of these to try out (especially that... I loved so much!)

You can find these wines for yourself on the Cameron Hughes Wine website, Costco, Total Wine and Amazon (although I wouldn't recommend purchasing from there) . They also have a monthly wine club, which you all already know I am a HUGE fan of. Anyone that delivers wine right to your door is a friend of mine:)

Which one of these wines will you be sampling? Let me know in the comments if you have tried them or are going to try them, and what you think of the wine when you do!

*Cheers to high-end wine finds, that are easy on the wallet*