A few weeks ago, my two older daughters and I went on a little mommy-daughter date. We NEVER get to do that so it was really special that we had a chance to go on a little adventure without the twins.

My oldest (almost 4) really has a thing for anything “pretty”, whether that be princesses, fairies, or butterflies;) I knew the perfect place for our date, and I was excited because I had never actually been there before this.

butterfly wonderland scottsdale az

Butterfly Wonderland Scottsdale, AZ

I’m going to precursor this by saying that I am NOT an insect person… of any kind. I hate any and all bugs and am totally terrified of even the smallest bug. They really creep me out. So, going here was way outside of my comfort zone. But, we make sacrifices for our kids right?

The basics of this place are that it is a giant indoor arboretum that houses thousands of butterflies. They have over 300 different types of butterflies and they are EVERYWHERE inside of this place.

butterfly wonderland az

They tell you in the beginning not to touch the butterflies with your hands, be careful because they might be underneath of your feet so don’t step on them, and if they land on you and want them off you have to ask someone that works there so that they can get them off in the right way…

Ummm, land on you? What did I sign up for?

butterfly on me

At one point I had five butterflies on me! I was trying hard not to freak out because everyone else in there obviously thought it was amazing that they had insects all over them. My oldest did NOT like it. She started crying and absolutely freaking out that they were all over me. I was dying! It was hilarious how worried she was. I didn’t dare tell her when one landed on her head;)

The butterflies themselves and the set up inside was beautiful. It is amazing how many different types of butterflies there are. You would never really think that there are an endless amount of colors, sizes, varieties… it was amazing to see.



There was a really neat area that they had food where the butterflies could feed. It was just a large bowl, almost like bird bath, and there were tons of butterflies in it and all around that area.

butterfly wonderland az

They are also building a gigantic aquarium next door, which I think will be a great addition. They had a few tanks and some sting rays that you could pet in another area, which my girls really enjoyed. Our 2-year-old has no fear at all! She was trying to just swim with the sting rays I think.


The negative sides to this place that I found, aside from my ridiculous fear of bugs, was that it is extremely humid inside there. I understand that they have to do this for the sake of the butterflies, but it is sticky. I can usually deal with humidity, but I feel like there should be some type of warning or something on that sight so that you dress appropriately. The other not so great thing is the cost. This place is spendy! They, of course, get you with the pictures at the beginning and then you HAVE to walk out of the gift shop to exit the exhibit… which is where they sell you the ridiculously priced pictures. But, it was a memory so I had to do it.

butterfly wonderland scottsdale

Overall, it was a lot of fun! I think that my girls enjoyed the smoothies that they got after a little more than they did the butterflies. I could be wrong though, because they still bring it up and talk about how they got to see the butterflies even now, a weeks later.

What is your favorite thing to do when you go on a mommy date with your kid(s)?

*Here’s to mommy-kiddo dates and spending quality time with our little ones*

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