Over the holidays, my family and I got to spend some time in Virginia with my brother and his family. (You can check out photos from our trip here) It was such an amazing time, although it always seems to go way too fast.

While we were there, we couldn’t miss the chance to check out Busch Gardens Christmas Town.

Busch Gardens Christmas Town Review

For those that have never heard of it, Busch Gardens is a huge theme park, filled with hundreds of activities, rides, food and goods vendors and so much more. The location in Williamsburg, VA is separated into six sections, each themed with a different country.

busch gardens

Ice Palace

During the holidays, the entire park is transformed into this lit-up winter wonderland full of all things Christmas. The display that is put on throughout the park features over 8 million Christmas lights of all shapes, sizes, colors, and every holiday character you can imagine!

busch gardensbusch 1 busch gardens

For someone who is obsessed with Christmas like I am, this was like a dreamland to me. I loved walking around and seeing all of the different light set-ups, listening to the Christmas music being played in various languages based on what “country” area of the park you were in, and indulging in some of the fantastic holiday treats that they had throughout the park.

busch 8

busch 4This 50 foot Christmas tree with lights that changed colors was by far my favorite:)

Apparently, the day that we chose to go was also the day that everyone else in the state of Virginia chose to go as well. The night before was rainy, so I bet most people postponed their trip to the next day when we were there. The park was SO BUSY. My brother said that they have gone every year and have never seen it even remotely as busy as it was that night.

That made it hard because the lines were so long to get into any of the shows or to ride the few rides that were open. I have been there during the summer when all the rides are open and I have never seen it like that even during their busy season! It was crazy.

The one thing I would’ve lived without, besides the crowds, was the food. In the big venue where we  ate, it was a set up like a cafeteria almost with various lines and types of foods. While the dancers that put on a show were fun and the venue kept us warm for a little while, the food was just mediocre. I liked the small treats from outside vendors more than the actual dinner dishes.

It was also FREEZING that day. We were all bundled up, trying to stay as warm as possible. Me and my little family are used to the Arizona weather so we were absolutely chilled to the bone.

busch 3

Even with the ridiculous amount of people and the cold weather, it was still well-worth the visit. Kids two and under are free, so neither of my little ones cost us anything in terms of admission.

My family had fun and it was an experience full of fun memories and beautiful holiday decorations! I would absolutely go back again:)

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What was your favorite holiday memory this year?

*Cheers to making memories*

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