Happy Wine Wednesday! Today, I am bringing something really exciting to you all; a new wine subscription service and four different wines that I have reviewed! Listen, we all know that I am a huge fan of all things wine, and wine straight to my door is an absolute win in my book. The Bright Cellars Wine Club is my latest find:)

 Unique wines that fit your taste profile and that get delivered to your door! Learn more about Bright Cellars Wine Club & some of their wines*Bright Cellars sent me these wines for an honest review. As always, all of my opinions are totally my own and completely honest with what I think about these products and this service. 

Bright Cellars Wine Club

The idea for Bright Cellars wine club was actually created by two MIT graduates who wanted to create an algorithm that provided a unique wine experience. There is a quiz that each new member takes and the quiz “scores each wine by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences, matching you with your monthly experience.”

Their method of choosing wine is ” to take hidden gems from small vineyards from all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, and South America.”


The questions are super fast and easy, and the results really do provide you with wine options that fit your palette.

Every month, you get a NEW wine, so you are always getting to try different wines instead of the same types of multiple of the same bottle, like some wine subscriptions send. Don’t worry though, if you love a wine you can always request for them to send it again!

When you receive your wines, they are all boxed carefully and all come packaged with some sort of wine related saying on them. I am a sucker for quotes… and these are the best! I also had one that said “Wine Bright Like A Diamond”. I mean, that is awesome! img_4976

The monthly subscription cost is $60, which in my opinion is a great cost for four good bottles of wine. Check out the link at the end of this post for a huge discount on your first month!

Wines From Bright Cellars Wine Club

I was sent four of the wines that they could potentially send out to their monthly subscribers. My quiz obviously pointed them in the direction that I love reds… which I do! I also got sent one Rosé, which was a nice mix up.

I am just going to review them in the order that I tried them, not necessarily what I liked the most or the least.

Manarola Sangiovese 2015- This was by far my favorite out of all four. It comes form the town of Manarola, Italy.

Bouquet: Raspberry jam, slightly earthy notes

Tasting Notes: There are full notes of bright, red berries like raspberry and cherry. This wine has layers of flavor within those fruit notes, but yet it is not a heavy wine. It lends slightly to the sweet side, with a touch of spice at the end. It is so smooth, pairs so well with multiple foods, and is just such a great wine.  Unique wines that fit your taste profile and that get delivered to your door! Learn more about Bright Cellars Wine Club & some of their wines

Blue Towers Merlot 2015– This wine comes from Chile near the “Blue Towers Mountains” or the Torres del Paine. It wasn’t my favorite out of the bunch, but it did have a decent flavor profile. It was a little bit too tart my taste.

Bouquet: Plum and dark berry

Tasting Notes: A lot of blackberry, with both its sweetness and its tartness. Heavy on the notes of plum and an oaky finish. There is also said to be some spices in there, which you pick up on slightly in the middle.

Mojave Rain Cabernet Sauvignon 2014– This particular wine is from California. I am always up for a good Cab, and this one did not disappoint.

Bouquet: Vanilla spice and dark berry

Tasting Notes: Heavy on the dark berries like black cherry and blackberry, along with black currant. Not too dry. Slightly oaky towards the finish, but this is combined with a smooth sweetness from vanilla which really balances it out.
 Unique wines that fit your taste profile and that get delivered to your door! Learn more about Bright Cellars Wine Club & some of their wines

Lavender Row 2015 Rosé I.G.P Var- This Southern French Rosé is from the Provence region of France, surrounded by lavender fields… hence the name. This was the only wine that I could find for sale through some other vendor, and it was actually pretty cheap in price, which made me slightly question the monthly price tag. This was the only con I had with my experience with Bright Cellars.

Bouquet: Sweet peach, floral notes

Tasting Notes: Peach, grapefruit and strawberry combined with a hint of lemon. There is also a slightly floral finish. This wine is crisp, not overly sweet, a decent amount of acidity and an overall enjoyable wine. Perfect as we cling to these last days of warm weather.

Overall, this monthly wine club is a fun experience. The wines are not only personalized to your taste, but they are also really unique picks that you wouldn’t just pick up from any store. It absolutely has my stamp of approval, and I plan on continuing with a monthly service from Bright Cellars Wine Club.

You can use this discount code link to receive $30 off of your first month!

*Cheers to wine delivered to your doorstep, every single month*

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