…Because sometimes you just want a cold one.


We are taking a little break from the Trader Joe’s Wine series this week. Although I do love wine <shocker>, sometimes you just want a beer.

This was one of those weeks for me.

Just like wines, companies are always coming out with tons of different types of brews with the seasons, and those are always some of the BEST. And then there are some companies that just have my all time favorite beers that I think every beer-lover should try out!

I tried to keep most of the limited release beers off the list but you know, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Top Ten Favorite Beers

1) Stella Artois: This Belgian pilsner has been my favorite beer of life since I entered the world of beer, which was not until the legal drinking age of course. Stella Artois is the smoothest, most refreshing, most delectable beer and I love it. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this beer and if you haven’t tried to yet, you are missing out! Someone who isn’t even a huge fan of beer in general, could find wonderful enjoyment with a pint of this.

2) Blue Moon Agave Blonde Ale : Blue Moon Brewing Company in general makes some really delicious beers that photoare the top of my list! I have always loved the original Blue Moon brew. A few months ago, they came out with a brew made with agave nectar. It was no joke, one of the best beers I have ever had. I did a mini-review on it in one of the very first Wine Wednesday postings. You can taste the natural sweet- nuttiness from the agave nectar so there is no artificial flavor overpowering this fantastic beer! It is perfect for the summer months.


3) Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat : Another great one! This company makes some of the best beers and they have multiple brews that I really like. This beer is a mixture of orange and blueberry so you get the sweetness but mixed with some citrus. It is really refreshing! Nothing from this brand has been a disappointment.

4) Four Peaks Hefeweizen: I first had this beer at The Yard House when my amazing older brother came to visit. wpid-testUpload.pngFirst of all, it smells like bananas and who wouldn’t want to drink that? It tastes like a sweet version of a lemon with a little bit of a banana flavor as well. This is a great go-to beer.

5) Sonoran White Chocolate Ale: This is discovery I made when I went beer tasting with my bestie. Girls day:) It is brewed here in Arizona. The name pretty much sums up this goodness in a bottle; a light ale with a hint of white chocolate flavor. wpid-testUpload.png

6) Lagunitas IPA: The one and only IPA that I will drink. Lots of malt, hops, bitterness and a little bit of sweetness at the core, just like me! wpid-testUpload.png


7) Sam Adams Cold Snap: Orangey, Plum, Spicy greatness. That’s what this unfiltered white ale is all about. Go check it out.

8) Kona Breaking Company Firerock Pale Ale: I worked at a sushi restaurant for about 4 years where we served a lot of Hawaiian style dishes and brews. This pale ale is  “Hawaiian Style” with some citrus and some floral. I would say more on the floral and hops side with a hint of citrus. Perfect beer to have any time of the year.

If you can’t tell by now, I am a fan of citrus/orange flavors when it comes to beer. (Shock Top is another great one)

9) Hoegaarden Blanche(White Ale): This is similar to the Sam Adams brew. It tastes like oranges but combine both the sweet and the sour/tangy notes, mixed in with a little bit of spice. This is the kind of beer that makes you feel classy when you drink it.

10) New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout: I don’t know where you could go wrong with chocolate, coffee, and beer.  Triplet match made in heaven. This beer is very, very dark and rich, with a sweet flavor from the chocolate followed by the light bitter taste that you get from a cup of espresso. I would drink this beer for dessert. P.S. I wish they made the scent of this beer in a candle because it is so divine! Anyone know how to make that possible?;)

That’s my list for some of the greatest beers out there, in my opinion.

Now that you are all thirsty and craving a beer, you’re welcome.

Any that you think are missing on this list that I really need to try? Let me know in the comments! You all know I love to be the guinea pig for wine and beer.

*Cheers to a nice, cold, frosty pint of beer*