Spring is all about getting a fresh start, and what better way to do that then to restart your nutrition goals and get on board with better eating habits. Babbleboxx provides delicious snacks and drinks to your door, which is an awesome way to get your health and nutrition on track this spring season.

Looking to kickstart some better eating habits this spring and summer? Babbleboxx has curated a great box full of healthy snacks and drinks, delivered right to your door!

*This post was sponsored by Babbleboxx. All opinions in this post are my own and as always, I would never recommend something to you if I did not try it and/or like it myself. 

Better Eating Habits with Babbleboxx

The first product in this nutrition focused Babbleboxx was from Brew Dr. Kombucha. I have grown to really love Kombucha and trying the different flavors and varieties, so I was really excited that this came in the box. For those of you who don’t know, kombucha is a fermented tea with live cultures inside the drink itself. Although it is fermented, there is no traceable amount of alcohol in the beverage. There are a wide variety of health benefits to drinking kombucha, specific to the ingredients. There are two different flavors that I received in this box to sample.

Clear Mind is the most popular flavor from Brew. This is very herbal in flavor,  and each herb in the recipe is said to help with mental clarity and focus. I prefer this one over the next flavor, because it seems a little lighter and easier to drink in terms of flavor.

Herbal Uplift is the second flavor. This is a more advanced and stronger tasting brew of kombucha. It is made with medicinal herbs, and is meant to help in maintaining overall health and wellness.

Kombucha probiotics are such an important addition to your diet, so I love that Brew Dr Kombcha offers so many options.

You can find out more about these products here. 

The next product, and a favorite amongst my kiddos, was the JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Pop Corn. This popcorn is part of 18 other microwave popcorn types from JOLLY TIME, and is the healthier, gluten free, fiber rice version of your typical popcorn.

It is the best guilt-free snack, because it only has four ingredients and only 35 calories in a serving. Plus, the sodium content is so much less than regular microwave popcorn. It does not taste as heavy or buttery as regular microwave popcorn, which I prefer. I feel like I can enjoy eating it without feeling so overwhelmingly guilty afterwards because I just inhaled an entire bag of popcorn. You guys know… we’ve all had those nights.

The next item in the box was a favorite of my husband. He is a huge coffee drinker, but doesn’t necessarily do so well with dairy. The nut pods Dairy Free Creamer is perfect for him because it comes in three yummy flavors, and it is made from almonds and coconuts. If you are dairy free, this is a great option for you!

This creamer is in shelf stable packaging, so you can store it in your cabinet before opening, or in fridge after. The hazelnut is by far my favorite flavor, and it think it holds a really great flavor next to the plant-based aspects of the creamer.

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The Sprout Organic Crinklez are my kiddos favorite out of this box. They are an easy, plant powered, and healthy snack for them to take on the go. They aren’t messy, and they don’t leave their hands sticky or covered in a powdery mess. My two year old seriously inhaled half the bag in the time it took me to get the right picture!

The Cheesy Spinach was the top pick out of the two flavors, compared to Pumpkin Carrot, but they actually really liked both of them. They aren’t loaded with extra sugars, so they really are the perfect snack (with a fun shape!).

The last item in the box were the JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars. These are great for the entire family, and the flavor selection is awesome. They are Non-Gmo, and have only the necessary ingredients in their bars. Each bar has far fewer grams of sugar than your typical granola bar does, which makes it a great snack for kids.

Our favorite flavors are the cinnamon roll (so delicious) and the regular chocolate chip. They aren’t dry like a lot of packaging granola bars, and as I said before, the ingredient deck is really great.

You can purchase these for yourself here, and read more about them on the JUNKLESS website. 

I love the healthy nature of BabbleBoxx, and these products are perfect for creating better eating habits for yourself and for your family.

*Cheers to being healthier this season*