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Hello Motherhood and Merlot readers. I would love to introduce myself… I am Alexandria, blogger over at Winifred Jac (, A Life & Style Blog.I’m here to show you the best swimwear for $40 or under.

Every woman knows that once bikini season comes around, we NEED to find a new one; if we’re lucky, maybe a few. Our old ones don’t fit, they’re out of style, or they are simply just old. I personally like to get a nice pair of bottoms and mix them with inexpensive tops; I like the mix and match look. Plus, you can find random bikini tops on clearance all the time. As exciting as a new bikini is, they can (for some reason) be expensive. I mean, there’s like no fabric to them! I don’t get it.

Hopefully, you can find some here that you like, both style and price wise. I think $40 is good number to stay around. I have linked everything below, and I feel that these shops are really great for that price range. Plus, if you invest in a nicer piece, top or bottom, you won’t have to toss it just because it’s old! Happy Summer Everyone!!!

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best swimwear for cheap

Cute Swim Suits, $40 and Under

Thank you so much to Alexandria from Winifred Jac ( for sharing this!

What are your favorite types of swimsuits to buy? Did you find some favorites from this list?
*Cheers to finding cute, stylish, and comfortable swimwear for summer*
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