Now that I have started to actually wear makeup again since having my twins, I do a short series about my favorite lipsticks. I am not really a gloss person, but when it comes to lipstick… I have a problem. I just want to buy them all! I love lipsticks of (almost) every color and I love collecting them.

best pink lipsticks

This will be a 5 week series on the different color families of lipsticks and my top five favorites out of each of those colors. I am not particular to high-end or to drugstore, I have some of each in my collection. I personally love MAC lipsticks and they will always have a special place in my makeup loving heart:)

My favorites aren’t just based on the color, but also on the formula of the lipsticks.

Since pink is a color that all skin tones and ages can wear on their lips, let’s start with that shall we?

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Top Five Pink Lipsticks

  1. “Creme Cup” by MAC Cosmetics: The most beautiful, creamy, light pink shade of lipstick. It would work beautifully on so many skin tones. I know it’s a cult favorite in the MAC lipstick line and so many people rave about it. It’s a light pink color with a blue undertone and a hint of creamy sheen to the finish. Like most MAC lipsticks, the formula is comfortable and easy to wear. Can you tell this one is a favorite by the condition of the lipstick?:) It’s the one featured in the picture above.creme cup by mac
  2. “Bumble” by ColourPopThis is technically a liquid lipstick, but it is one of my favorite lip colors of life at the moment. It is the darkest pink color in this list, and actually takes on a dusty rose appearance. In my opinion, it would look beautiful on so many skin tones. As an ultra matte lip product, this one is one of my favorite formulas. It is slightly drying, as any product in this family is, but it flake off of your lips or settle too badly in the lines. It also lasts FOREVER. colourpop ultra matte reviewbumble ultra matte
  3. “Bound” by ColourPop Cosmetics: This one is somewhere in between a nude and a pink, which is the perfect combo in my opinion. When paired with a specific colored liner, it will take on a more brown or nude or pinkish tone. It’s also beautiful on it’s own, but slightly too shiny worn that way for my liking. Paired with the Bound lip liner, it is the most amazing shade of mid-tone pink. It’s almost an exact dupe for MAC’s Creme Cup, but less blue-toned. bound colourpopbound colourpop cosmetics
  4.  “Matte Blissful” By Milani: I love this cool toned blush pink. It makes your teeth look whiter, it isn’t overly drying for a matte lipstick, and it’s a great price because it’s a drugstore product. It isn’t as long wearing as I wish it was for a matte lipstick, probably because of the slightly satin finish, but it wears well and doesn’t create any weird settling or flaking after it begins to wear off. milani matte lipstickmilani matte lipstick
  5. “Blankety” by MAC Cosmetics: This is described as a light pink beige color. On my lips, it comes off as more of a pink and gray combination. I think it is one of those lipsticks that will look differently on everyone, but that’s one of the things I love about it. It’s such a pretty color, has so much color payoff, and stays put for a pretty decent amount of time. The Amplified collection of MAC lipsticks are one of the best. This color is one of my all time favorite lipsticks!  pastel lips

MAC blankety

I’ll be covering pinks, nudes, reds and dark colors unless there is some other color family that I am missing out on and you all want me to go over that as well. Just let me know! I would happy to talk about and try on lipstick all day:)

What is your favorite pink lipstick?

*Cheers to pink lipstick on our wine glasses*

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