Never have I ever… loved a city as much as Richmond! Living here for a year has been wonderful, and I have really committed to just understanding and getting to know that community and the area. There are a ton of things I have done here and seen here, although there is still so much more. If you are planning on visiting, or contemplating moving to the area, or live here and need some recs, I’ve got you covered! This is my list of the Best of RVA.

Obviously, not everything I recommend is going to be for every person. But, these are all places that I can personally attest to how awesome they are and I could not recommend them more. This list is going to be more focused on services, beauty things, and health/fitness. In my next local posts, I will focus on shopping, restaurants, and more.

Let me know which you would prefer next. Wineries & Breweries? Local Small Shops? Best places to find a burger? Must-see things in RVA?

Here in Richmond, there are so many amazing things to discover. This is part one of the Best of RVA, sharing the best beauty spots, and fitness related things.

Best of RVA: Beauty and Hair

Filler and Skin Care

Rejuvenate MD is the best! I have gone to other places in the area, and nothing has compared to them. Jade is the QUEEN of filler, and I have had multiple people do lip filler and botox on me. She is by far the top. Becca is their skin gal, and she is wonderful. I had a hydrafacial (check out my Instagram for a video) and it was the best. The entire atmosphere of their office and staff is really inviting and ideal for any client to want to come back.

Hair Color and Cut

Kelly at 1213 Hair Salon is not only one of the sweetest people I know, but she also works magic on my hair. I never worry about leaving their looking anything less than my best (at least from the neck up:)), and would not go to anyone else in Richmond for my cut and color.

Blow Out/Hair Style

Michael really is the Blowout King, and I have never loved blowouts until meeting him. I know try to go see him a few times a month and he is not only the best, but a great conversation and super knowledgeable about all of the hair things.

Brows/Microbloading/Permanent Makeup

The ladies of Atelier Salon are seriously amazing at what they do. Savannah did my a powder brow for me (brow tattoo) and it turned out beautifully. She took her time, checked up on me after, and made sure that they were spot on. Plus, they are cool chicks in a neat space that they started on their own.

Spray Tan

Erin from Prada’s Glow is a mobile spray tanning service here and she changed my spray tanning game. First of all, any service where I don’t have to leave my home is a HUGE win for me. Plus, the Prada’s Glow products are super high quality and their team really knows what they’re doing.


The Red Door Salon and Spa is where I would recommend when it comes to massages. I love the atmosphere that they have their, and the women who worked on my last time I went in (Anna), was amazing! She also waxes my eyebrows, and is always quick and efficient.


I actually just go to a small spot in town called Joy Nails for my gel mani/pedi. They always do a good job and I have never had any problems with walking in (no appointments, yay!). I am not big on super done-up fingernails, so I can’t recommend a specific place for fancy acrylics, although there are quite a few here in town.

Best of Health and Fitness

Crossfit Gym/Best Place to Workout

If you know, you know, and RVA Performance Training is it as far as gyms go. I am here 6/7 days a week, and I love the family there so much. If you have been looking for a new place to workout, a change in your exercise routine, or wanting to check out Crossfit, this is your place. It has become such a huge and important part of my life that I am forever thankful for.

Yoga & Dance Studio

Downward Dog Dance and Yoga is where you will want to go for this. I might be biased, but really their team over there is full of people who just put off the right vibes. If you want instructors that will allow you to move freely, while also giving you all of the positive energy and correct guidance, check them out.

Meal Prep/ Delivery

HumanFood RVA is a meal prep service that allows you to pick your menu items every week, and pick them up fresh and ready on Sunday. They make healthy meal prep items, that are great for anyone, but especially athletes or those who want to make some healthy and easy changes in their nutrition. Get $10 off your first order with the link above.

Nutrition Coach

If you are serious about changing your eating habits, or are working more on a specific fitness and nutrition plan, Kim Glass is the one you will want to see! She has been my nutrition coach for a few months now, and not only do I love her as a person, but she is as committed to getting you results as you are, and wants nothing but the best progress for you. You can find her website here. She is an amazing coach, and wonderful person who truly loves to help people in this area (and she is SO good). Plus, she is offering 15% off of the first month for you all, which is such a great deal for everything she does. Check out this post on counting macros for beginners to get more info on this. 

Stay tuned for Part II where I share my favorite lifestyle things in RVA: places to eat, shop, and drink:)

*Cheers to living in a city that you love*