My favorite lipsticks of all time have got to be in the “nudes” color family. While I think bright or dark colors have their own beauty and place in a makeup collection, I will forever be a wearer of nudes;)

I have so many in this particular category that it was hard to narrow it down, but I tried to pick a few that I love from high-end cosmetics as well as drugstore cosmetic lines that also make fantastic products.

best nude lipsticks

For these nude lipsticks, because there are so many shades of a “nude lipstick”, I am going to go lightest-darkest. Don’t miss out next week when we take a complete 180 and I go into my favorite bright/unique lipsticks!

Top 5 Nude Lipsticks

best nude lipsticks

  1. “Myth” by MAC Cosmetics: If this tells you anything, I have finished FOUR tubes of Myth lipstick. It is my favorite nude lipstick of all time and I have not found a color that suits me better and that I can layer with other lipsticks to lighten them or give a different effect. It’s very light, but paired with any liner it takes on an entirely different tone. I love it with light pink or light brown liners. The combination of the two is extremely flattering.mac myth
  2. “Cruising” by Nars: For my skin tone, this is the perfect “my lips but better” color and formulation. It’s great for those days where I want to look put together but don’t wear a ton of makeup. But, it could also be paired with a really dramatic eye look. Nars’ lipsticks are one of my favorite formulations and I, sadly, don’t have many of them. This is a “sheer” lipstick, but it still has a good amount of color to it. This is a color I recommend that anyone try if you are on the hunt for an easy-to-wear, every day type of shade.nars lipstick
  3. “Nude” by Gerard Cosmetics: This is a peachy brown nude that I really like when I want to switch it up a little bit. This isn’t the nude color I typically go for, but this one is a really pretty color and lipstick formulation. The one thing I will say I am not a huge fan of is the smell of these, kind of like sweet but citrus maybe? But, I can get over that for a good lipstick:)nude by gerard cosmetics
  4. “Truffle Tease” by L’Oreal: One of my favorite lipstick lines from the drugstore. The smell, again, is not my favorite… but the formula of these are great and you cannot beat the price tag. This is a true brown nude with a satin finish. It is a little lighter than the next lipstick and more of a straightforward brown based nude. truffle tease loreal
  5. “Velvet Teddy” by MAC Cosmetics: This is one of my favorite matte lip colors. It’ s brown nude with a slight pinky undertone that wears beautifully and can be paired with so many different eye looks/makeup combinations. I think it’s a staple to have in any lipstick collection.velvet teddy by mac

I am always looking for new lipsticks in this particular category, so leave your favorite nude lip products below in the comments:)

*Cheers to living the nude life… on our lips… nude lipstick life…;)*

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