Who is ready for the fitness lover’s gift guide? This is, by far, my favorite guide that I have put together this year… mainly because I want ALL of the things that I have hunted for y’all. I feel like we all have someone in our lives that loves fitness of some kind (that someone may be you!), whether it be sports, Crossfit, weight lifting, yoga, etc… There are so many different forms of fitness, and these gifts are perfect for those people. So, let’s find out what some of the best fitness gifts are this season!

A lot of what I am listing are things that I have, have used, and/or heard rave reviews about. Some of these links are affiliate links, but none of these products are sponsored, and all of the options in this post are my own.

Almost all of the retailers I am listing are having huge black Friday and/or cyber Monday sales, so be sure to keep an eye out if anything catches your attension.

Looking for a present for the fitness lover in your life? Check out this list of the best fitness gifts this year for Crossfit, yoga, running and more.


One of my top picks for the best fitness gifts this year are shoes. As someone who is at the gym 6/7 days a week, shoes are important. Also, I think that the Crossfit community has an obsession with specific types of shoes… the friendly judgement is real 😉

These are the top brands that I would recommend in shoes for athletes this holiday season. All of these brands have both men’s and women’s shoes.


No Bull

Nike Metcon

Reebok Nano 8 or 9


Ripstop Running 

Reebok Floatride


Depending on what type of fitness the gift receiver is into, there are so many different types of equipment that you could buy as gifts, or use as stocking stuffers.


WHOOP: This fitness tracker not only helps with your workouts, but also helps you track your heart rate, sleep, recovery, and more. I wear mine every day and highly recommend.

Lifting Sleeves: Not everyone uses them, but I like to have them for heavier days or after a lot of running.

Grips: These are great for Crossfit athletes because your life is spent with torn up hands.

Theragun/ Deep Tissue Electric Massager: This is a more expensive gift, but it is at the top of my list this year. Sore muscle saver!

Vibrating foam roller: Like the massager above, but in roller form. This may have just taken the number one spot on my list. A regular roller is another great (less costly) gift as well!

iPhone Tripod: Because we all know that Crossfitters love film their workouts:)


Toe Talk Mindful Grip Socks: I own multiple pairs of these and I love them for yoga, as well as stretching or warming up shoe-less.

Roller/Block Set: So many uses for these set, and you could even split it into multiple gifts. Not just for yogis either!

Lacrosse/Trigger Point Ball: The best you will give someone that is into fitness and rolls out their muscles at home.


Nutrition is as a bigger part of the fitness life than any sort of equipment. These items will be super helpful for the fitness lover in your life with prioritizes health and performance. Send them this list for some healthy grocery list items as well!

BlendJet Portable Blender: Everyone needs this in their gym bag. No more melted smoothies or spending $12 a day on a post workout drink. You can bring this with you to the gym and make your own smoothie on the go! 

Bento Snack/Meal Box: These are so handy to have when you are working or working out and need to make sure that you have sustenance  with you. No one likes to be hangry.


Anyone who is into fitness, probably lives in gym clothes the majority of the time (totally on board with that!).

These are some of the top items and places that I would recommend for clothing, mostly for women because I obviously have more experience with that.

*Here’s to our fitness-loving friends and family. Merry Gainsmas*