This category is going to include my top five favorite bright and bold colors of lipstick. I have everything from hot pink, to hot coral/orange, to some shades of purple that I hardly wear, but absolutely love!

Can you kind of tell where my I tend to spend the most money when it comes to beauty products? I love me some lippies!

best bright lipsticks

I usually tend to shop cheaper when it comes to bright lippies because I don’t wear them as often and I don’t want an expensive lipstick to go bad without getting enough use out of it. Hence why these are mostly affordable lip options.

Best Bright Lipsticks

  1. “Grind” by Colourpop Cosmetics: This is the most daring color of lipstick I own. It isn’t a vampy color, it is an extremely wearable color, but it is gorgeous! The pigmentation on this is unbelievable and if you are looking for a bold purple, look no further. grind colourpop
  2. Vegas Volt by MAC Cosmetics: If you love corals and oranges, you will love this lipstick! It is bright, fun, and great for the summer time. MAC lipsticks are wonderful and this one is no different. It has an amplified formula, which is one of my favorites, so it is really creamy and has tons of color volt mac
  3. Brills by Colourpop Cosmetics: This is such a fun color. This lavender shade is gorgeous ladies! It may not look like one that you can pull off, but trust me, YOU CAN! It is actually an easy to wear shade of purple that makes your teeth look whiter. It is one of those colors that you feel confident and fun while wearing. The satin finish gives a hint of shine without looking glossy.brills colourpop
  4. Wifey by ColourPop Cosmetics: These satin finishes are my favorite from this line. This bright pink has a hint of purple undertones and it is on the cool side, so again very flattering to your teeth color. This is my favorite bright pink that I own because it’s bright and fun without being neon/Barbie pink… not that there is anything wrong with that;) I just find this shade to be slightly more wearablwifey colourpope.
  5. ¬†Power Peony by Maybelline: This is like a more subtle and sheered out version of Wifey (see above). It is for those of us that aren’t really in love with the idea of a really opaque hot pink, but still love the look of bright pink on the lips. Maybelline lipsticks are a great and affordable option at the drugstore as well. This one could have fit in to my “best pink lipsticks” post… but it’s a little bright for an everyday pink in my opinion. power peony maybelline

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*Here’s to the bright, the bold, and the beautiful lipsticks*

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