There are so many different types of wine out there on the market today. From wine on tap, to beer-wine, to boxed wine, you have endless options when it comes to what you want to drink. Today, I am sharing about three different boxed wines that I put to the test in order to find out what the best box wine is!

Battle of the Boxed Wines! A full review of the three different boxed wines popular in stores today. Find out the best box wine of them all!

This post is not sponsored in any way. It is just something fun that I wanted to try out, with the help of some of my family, because I have never really gotten into the world of box wines before this! The benefits of boxed wine are that they last longer, you don’t need to worry about them spoiling, and you get more for your money.

I remember trying Franzia when I was underage a lot younger… and thinking that it was so cool! Let’s see how my opinions have changed.

Best Box Wine Challenge

The first wine that we tried was the Bota Brick RedVolution. This was a brand that I really hadn’t heard a ton about, but I had seen it in the stores and wanted to try it. It was the most expensive boxed wine that I grabbed, at 1.5L for $18.99. The amount that is in this box is supposed to be comparable to two bottles of wine. They also have a larger box which is double the size.

Bouquet: Spicy and fruity with a hint of sweetness

Tasting Notes: For being a box wine, this was very full-bodied. It had flavors of really rich, luscious cherry and dark berry, with a slight oak flavor that made it seem a little bit dry towards the finish.

I would give this wine a 4 out of 5, personally.

Family responses to this wine:

I think it’s a little dry, but the flavor itself is pretty good. I would give it a 3. I didn’t get much from the smell/ aromas but that could be because I am a little stuffed up. 

At first I’m frightened by the strong smell of the potential love to come from another box other than my monthly birchbox subscription. The first taste is dry followed by a fruity and easy aroma on the back. 

I like that one. It is a little dry though, for me. 

The next wine that we tried out was Black Box Red Elegance. This is what I would assume to be their version of a red blend, similar to Bota Brick. For $14.99, I picked up a 3L box, which is supposed to be about the same as four bottles of wine.

Bouquet: Sweet and jammy

Tasting Notes: This wine is much smoother and more sweet than Bota Brick. It was heavy in notes of blueberry and jammy fruits, while balancing that out with sweetness from chocolate notes. It was easy to drink, very smooth and rounded out in its flavor profile.

I would give this wine a 4 out of 5 as well. The flavor was really good, it was smooth and easy to drink, and I like the price tag for what you get.

Family thoughts to this wine:

This wine is the best out of what we have had. I like that it is sweeter and it doesn’t taste too tart like the other wine. I’ll be going back for seconds, and thirds.  


This is the easiest wine to drink and has a better after taste.

The last wine that we tried was Franzia Chillable Red. I felt like this was a must because it is the boxed wine that I remember being around for so long. For $9.99, you get 5L of wine, which is A LOT! We tried this wine chilled and at room temperature to see if there was a difference. Chilled did make the berry notes in the wine stand out slightly more.

Bouquet: Maybe a hint of cherry or berry. Not much of a nose.

Tasting Notes: Light-bodied with no levels of flavorBerry notes with a medium-high amount of sweetness.

I would give this wine a 1.5 out of 5. While it didn’t taste disgusting, it just didn’t taste like much at all. As a red wine lover, I can’t really get behind this wine. This is the kind of wine that would give you a massive headache in the morning I think.

Family responses to this wine (mind you, this was the last wine we had so the comments are much shorter ;)):

I could drink this whole box because it tastes like Koolaid. 

It tastes like I am drinking diluted juice. 

Straight up cranberry juice. It’s almost clear. Save your money and buy a bottle of good wine for $8. 

Obviously, this wine was not the favorite. Because of the amount of wine that I have had since trying this years ago, I definitely have a more refined palette for wines. This does not make the cut in my book. I could only sample one glass before I wanted to be done with it. It really lacks in a flavor profile of any kind. Although it’s cheap,  I wouldn’t waste the money on it if you are looking to enjoy the wine you are drinking.

I will say that I am not a fan of the box apparatus itself. It is a little frustrating to pour and lock into place so it doesn’t spill everywhere, and I prefer wine bottles with a cork still. However, I am not made at some of the flavors in this wine and the amount that you get for the price.

So who was the winner of the best box wine? BLACK BOX! For the price and the amount that you get, you can’t really beat this boxed wine. Bota Brick was a close second for me, because I think the flavor profile is slightly better and more dynamic than Black Box. I would be interested to do another battle trying out white wines to see if the comparison is any different… we may exchange the Franzia for something else next time 😉

Do you have a best box wine that you want to share? What should I put to the test next time? 

*Cheers to trying new things, and finding some hidden boxed gems in the wine aisle

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