As many of you know, I am a beauty lover/junkie. I love keeping up with the latest trends, products and news that is going on in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

There are a few interesting trends that I noticed on the runway and throughout numerous articles on early 2015 beauty trends.


Some of them I adore. Others… just aren’t my style. But maybe they will be yours!

Beauty Trends for 2015

The first one that caught my attention that I think a lot of women are going to love and appreciate is focusing more on a dewy, fresh face make-up look. Some of these looks wear a minimal amount of make-up where others look like they are wearing just a moisturizer and that’s about it. During the week, this is my go-to look around the house. So I am pleased to hear that this is now more acceptable in public and that letting your natural beauty shine through is now “trendy”.


The next trend focuses more on a simple, but defined eye look and a bold statement lip. Most of the lip colors zeroed in on shades of red or a bold pink color. Pantone’s Color of the Year is also one that may continue in popularity, especially for lip colors. (Click on the link above for some Marsala lipstick ideas and more)  I have always thought that this particular look of just a hint of eye make-up and a bold lip doesn’t work for me, but I am going to give it another try! Here are some lip options for you if you want to pull off this simple but statement look.

beauty trends 2015

From left to right: “Wifey” by ColourPop Cosmetics, “Fire Engine” by Gerard Cosmetics, “Viva Glam I” by MAC Cosmetics, and “Lust for Blush” by Maybelline.

A trend that is interesting, but not for everyone, is an extremely graphic eyeliner. Eyeliner that is layered on all the way up to the crease, cat eye looks that are on the bottom rather than the top lash line, and eyeliner drawn on in patterns are just some of the looks I noticed. Like I said, not for everyone and definitely not an “everyday” trend.

There us also the simple make-up looks with pops of color. This is one that I really like and something that I think everyone can pull off, because you can add pops of color in whatever color suits you. I love looks with a bright pop of color on the lower lash line or a double eyeliner, black topped with a bold statement color. So fun!

I am not a huge fan of double liner on my own eyes, so I take this a different route and turn typical smokey eye looks into colorful looks like this coppery, orange eye.

copper eye makeup

The metallic trend is something that we saw towards the end of last year, but it is making a big time show in the beginning of 2015. Having metallic accents in your make-up, nails, and those flash tattoos that are EVERYWHERE is the trend that I can see catching on the most.

flash tat

In terms of hair, braids are still a really big thing for 2015, and they are pretty easy to be incorporated into any hairstyle and hair type. The slicked back hair look is also trendy going into 2015 but nothing something I am particular fond of. Loose, undone, even messy curls and waves are the big winner for 2015 and I am so glad! These are easy to do and they look cute on everyone, in my opinion. Do you use a curling wand of a typical curling iron?

What is your favorite beauty trend for 2015? Anything else that you think will be a big hit this year?

*Here’s to the changing of styles with the changing of the season*

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