We as women know that when it comes to stretch marks, cellulite and unsightly things on our skin that we really don’t want, it seems like we are always on the look out for something that will just make them go away! I know that I am always on the hunt for some wonderous, miraculous product that isn’t stuffed full of chemicals and ingredients I can hardly pronounce. Some people don’t like to talk about these things because they’re unwanted and disliked parts of our body. That doesn’t change that fact that we are all beautiful in our God-given bodies! But hey, everyone has something, somewhere that they don’t like! So let me introduce you to my frank body scrub review.

frank body scrub review with before and afters. The original frank body scrubfrank Body Scrub Review and Results

When I first saw a woman post about this on Instagram and went to check out the page, I was pretty skeptical (as I am with most products at first take). I mean, some of the results looked pretty awesome and I saw women that were dealing with psoriasis, stretch marks from pregnancy or just from body changes, cellulite, dry skin… there was a variety of things that this scrub claimed to treat. I saw some before and after pictures and decided that I would try it because, well, why not! If it gives me even the slightest chance of decreasing the size of my stretch marks or diminishing any cellulite… done! This scrub was made in Australia. Let me just give you a little heads up… the wording on the site might be taken as a little proactive to some. There are some innuendos involved, which I take as hilarious! It refers to everyone as “babe” and its as if the bag of scrub was a man, named Frank. Go check it out for yourself, you’ll see what I mean;)

On the website, frankbody.com, there are 3 different scrubs that you can try. The original coffee scrub, which is the one that I purchased, and the other two with a variety of other ingredients. The one that I chose states that it is a coffee scrub infused with almond oil, orange essence, brown sugar, sea salt, water and vitamin E. It is also certified vegan. This scrub exfoliates,moisturizes and cleanses all in one. Amazing!photo 3

For a 7 oz bag, its $14.95. One really small handful will take care of your ENTIRE body. I am not exaggerating. So for the price, it’s pretty amazing. The bag says to use it  up to 2 times a week… so of course the first week I used it 3 because “go big or go home” in my opinion! Women are busy, they want results as soon as possible! Am I right? In order to get the most out of the scrub, you are supposed to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, especially on the trouble areas that you are trying to work out!

You can use this scrub on any part of your body, face included, and it will use its moisturizing and toning properties on your face! We could all use a little bit of a natural facelift and glow I think. I know it makes me feel super refreshed when I use it in the mornings.

I have used this scrub for 3 weeks now, a total of 7 times. The first few times I scrubbed for only a few minutes and then rinsed… I didn’t throughly read the instructions obviously. But the last few times, I left it on and let me be the first to say, I am 100% a believer in frank! First of all, the scrub itself feels really exfoliating when you first put it on, but it is not harsh on the skin at all. After you rinse it off, it leaves you feeling really moisturized. The first time I used it I was worried about the oily feeling I had after rinsing, but this goes away and the natural oils absorb back into your skin giving it extra moisture. If you have natural oily skin, then it recommends to use a light body wash to get rid of the excess but I am a dry skinned kinda girl!





I have really been focusing on my mid-section where my wonderful battle scars are from my two beautiful girls, and my upper thighs/booty. I have always felt like those bad-boys were here to stay. But this scrub is really making a difference and I know with continued use, it could make a drastic difference. The before and after you see are just the beginning! (No, I didn’t post before and after of the backside because no one wants to see that business!) You can see how my stretch marks were still pretty red/purple and noticeable and in the after they are excitingly smaller much less obvious!

My lower abdomen has also gotten some of its elasticity back and is much tighter then before. As for cellulite, it will (and has for me personally) help to get rid of those areas on our body where cellulite seems to BREED! My upper thighs have gotten some pretty wonderful results so far. (I know that the lighting looks different but trust me, the results are the same no matter what light you’re in! I wouldn’t praise it if it didn’t work, stretch marks and cellulite are serious business!)

My favorite part about this scrub, besides that fact that it is making me feel less like flubber and more tight and toned, is that it has natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. I have sensitive skin, especially on my face, so things with too much junk in them really take a toll on my skin. I honestly would give this scrub a 9.8 out of 10, only because I haven’t even seen all it can do yet. Give me a few more weeks, and I am sure that it will be a full 10/10 for sure! You can read more about the different scrubs and purchase them here.

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*Cheers to getting dirty, getting rough, getting clean and loving frank*

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