There have been so many new palettes out lately, I can hardly keep up with them! But, I am a collector of palettes and really love it when a bunch come out for the new seasons. This week, we are talking about the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette.
beauty killer paletteThis little number is not for the faint of heart. They are really pigmented shadows with some really stand-out colors. I am obsessed! I can’t say I have any other palette like this, and half of the shades are really unique shadows.

Beauty Killer Palette by Jeffree Star

IMG_4775This palette sells for $45 on the Jeffree Star website. The packaging is a really pretty pink cardboard palette with the logo and name.

Inside, you well find 10 different eyeshadows with three different finishes. They are really good-sized shadows as well, even though you only get 10 of them. The finishes are matte, frost, and glitter.


You can break the palette up into groups of four to get a variety of different looks.

IMG_4771The top five shades:

Star Power: A bright, neon matte pink.

Princess: A frost finish baby pink

Violence: A frost finish crushed berry shade with a pink iridescence

Rich Bitch: A true metallic gold

Courtney: A light, matte terra-cotta

IMG_4774The bottom five shades:

Expensive: A teal with bright teal glitter

Confession: A rusty-red shade with a frost finish

Vanity: A deep, matte plum with brown undertones

China White: A matte off-white

Black Rainbow: A black shadow with rainbow glitter

You can purchase the palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ website. 

Overall, I love this palette. Star Power is such a unique neon pink shade and that stuff stays put on your lids. None of these shades are anything less than pigmented and beautiful. I will say that the glitter shades, specifically Black Rainbow and Expensive, have a lot of glitter fall out.

When I say “a lot” I mean, do not put this on after you put on foundation or you will have glitter everywhere for the remainder of the day;)

Otherwise, I think this palette is so much fun! While it isn’t for the “neutral” lover, it has so many unique colors. I would say it was a “must” for any makeup lover to add to their collection.

The look I did with this palette was a pink smokey eye. Just your typical grocery store makeup 😉 I used Star Power as the main shade, Princess on the lid, and China White to blend everything out and to highlight.

IMG_4758What is your favorite color from this palette?

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*Cheers to the bold, the bright, and glittery*

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