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Has this ever happened to anyone? Please say yes, it would make my day!

I wanted to switch it up some this week and pair our red and white wines from Trader Joe’s up in a head-to-head match to find out which Pinot comes out on top!

Obviously, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio are two very different wines that are going to have opposite flavor profiles. But, one is always going to taste better!


Pinot Grigio Versus Pinot Noir

We are taking a look, and a taste, at the 2012 Vola Trebbiano Pinot Grigio and the 2012 Blue Fin Pinot Noir. The Vola is from Italy and the Blue Fin is from (where else) California, USA.

Each of these wines came with a $4.99 price tag.


Smell: While the Vola smells typical of a Pinot Grigio -fruity- it has a distinct green apple odor. The Blue Fin smells pleasant, with deep, rich plum and blackberry notes coming out of the bottle.

Taste: The Vola has a fruity-pine flavor and it is way on the dry side, much more so than any other Pinot Grigio I have had before. It does not taste like it smells, although it has some of the green apple flavor. The obvious flavors are a lemon and green apple mixture. It has a strong lemon/citrus aftertaste as well. It is was not one of favorites.

The Blue Fin carries flavors of blackberries and . It is really heavy for a Pinot Noir, as they are not typically so in my experience. It is very tart, not sweet, almost has some cranberry in there. I got a slight peppery finish to it after drinking the second… or maybe third glass. Trying this chilled might also provide a less tart, and slightly better flavor.

Who Comes out On Top?


The Pinot Grigio is not really something that you would sip on alone. This would be a great wine to have with dinner or to share over some small plates, but it is not a wine I would enjoy purely to have a glass. It really wasn’t a wine that I enjoyed, period. We all want to try to sound fancy drinking our wines from Italy, but to be perfectly honest, I would rather drink the Two-Buck-Chuck over this.I am going to say 1.5 stars… maybe 2 if I am having a bad day and it is all I have in the fridge!wpid-testUpload.png

The Pinot Noir is a different story. You could drink this over lunch, dinner, with friends, at a cocktail party, or by yourself in the tub. It isn’t the best Pinot Noir I have ever had, but it puts up a fair fight. I would give this 3 stars without a doubt. It doesn’t really sing “true Pinot Noir” to my palate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good, especially for the price. I would say give it a try!

Have you tried either of these? Does one look more your style then the other? Let me know in the comments:)

*Cheers to Pickin’ a Pinot*


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