It’s a new trend…and yes, we are loving it.

It’s the Baltic Wonder Teething Necklace, an all natural and beautiful pain reliever for teething babies. This is an item every mother should have, whether it is a purchase you make for your baby or a gift you get from a loved one. This is one of those baby items you will cherish for all time.

It Is Becoming More and More Popular for Parents

In recent years, we are seeing more and more mothers, fathers, and family members buying and using the Baltic Wonder teething necklace to protect babies and minimize teething pain and inflammation. We’ve also noted that more mothers are using amber teething necklaces for their toddlers to protect them from inflammation of all types.

The truth is that whether Moms really understand the true healing powers of Baltic amber or not, all they know is that they are using a baltic teething necklace because somehow, they really work. These necklaces release certain oils that are absorbed through the baby’s skin and this reduces inflammation of the gums and the pain from teething.

But aside from teething pain, new age and naturist parents believe that Baltic amber can protect babies in many ways. It protects them against negative vibrations and feelings, protects them from more than a few diseases, as well as against inflammation caused by growth.

A Quick Look at the Benefits

  • Baltic Wonder Teething Necklaces use amber that comes from the Baltic Region, a more powerful and healing amber that helps babies during their teething months
  • Beautiful necklace made of gorgeous amber
  • An heirloom mothers can hand down to children
  • Relieves stress, colic, and fussiness

Why Are Baltic Wonder Teething Necklaces So Popular?

For centuries, mankind has revered amber for its healing powers. And the ancient solidified pine resin (amber) found in the Baltic region has even more powerful healing qualities because of special natural acidic compounds.

People have believed in the power of amber for centuries because it works, but unfortunately, the onset of modern medicine turned many of us away from the healing powers of the earth.

Most naturists, herbalists, and new agers believe that we need to go back to using natural healing compounds like Baltic amber. It is these elements that bring balance, health, and well-being back into our lives. It is time to start by going back and using the most POWERFUL HEALING FORCES of nature. And one of the most powerful healing products of nature is the Baltic Wonder teething necklace.

What Is Baltic Amber?

Amber is ancient tree resin that has fossilized, and Baltic amber comes from the Baltic Sea, once an ancient prehistoric forest. What makes this amber stand out from other types of amber found in other parts of the world? the fact that it contains up to 8% of succinic acid. The amber comes in many different shades and colors, and according to natural healers, the lightest shades are the most powerful. However, all shades seem to ease teething pain, and it is the same whether the amber is raw or polished as a finished stone.

Moms tend to choose Baltic Wonder Teething necklaces because it is the higher succinic acid that gives  these stones a higher healing quality. It is the succinic that is absorbed into the skin of the baby and offers a calming and pain relief effect.

Do Babies Wear Amber?

Yes Moms, babies can wear Baltic amber, and when they do, they get pain relief for their small swollen gums. Baltic amber reduces swelling while offering a calming effect for teething babies. Mothers in the Baltic region have used this amber to protect their children for hundreds of years. They believe that wearing amber protects babies from negative vibrations and from the onset of illness.

Most parents start using Baltic Wonder Teething Necklaces when baby starts teething, to prevent inflammation in the gums, calm the baby, and reduce pain. They use the necklace when baby seems fussy, upset, and in pain, and only while under complete supervision.

The idea is to place the Baltic Wonder necklace against baby’s skin, and under the clothes where baby can’t chew or place the stones in his/her mouth. Parents remove the necklace when baby sleeps or unsupervised to prevent the necklace from becoming a choking hazard.  And while the Baltic Wonder teething necklace works at eliminating teething pains, parents often continue to use it long after he/she stops teething. They find it beneficial for many small illnesses and find that it really helps at reducing inflammation from other discomforts small children might have.

Baltic Wonder Teething Necklaces Help:

  • Improve thyroid function
  • Reduce arthritis
  • Reduce back pain
  • Reduce jaundice
  • Reduce teething pain
  • Improve shoulder and neck pain
  • Reduce colic
  • Improve kidney and intestine functioning
  • Prevents anemia
  • Prevents the common cold
  • Increases energy
  • Decreases swollen glands and reduces pain from sore throats

Baltic Wonder Teething Necklaces Are:

Fantastic. These necklaces come in different shades of warm Baltic amber. They are all very well made and extremely durable so that babies can’t easily break them. The Baltic Wonder teething necklaces are made with the finest Baltic amber, which is the best available on the planet.

What are the Baltic Wonder Teething Bracelet Products?

  1. Polished Cognac Baroque Amber Teething Necklace – a teething necklace that comes in a warm brown and offers a natural beauty for the nature loving Mom and child. Beads are imperfect ovals  with a shimmer.
  2. Polished Honey Baroque Amber Teething Necklace – A lighter, honey colored amber. The beads are irregular ovals with a combination of dark and light amber.
  3. Multi Colored Baroque Amber Teething Necklace – comes with beads of different amber tones which are also naturally and irregularly shaped into lovely gemstones.

The Secret Healing Power of Baltic Amber

Baltic amber as well as other types of amber work when the stones are heated by the body’s temperature. A baby absorbs the pain reducing properties of the succinic natural acid produced in the ancient tree sap.

A Word of Caution

Please note that the baby should not chew on the amber beads. And if you truly worry about the necklace you can wrap to fit around baby’s ankle