Last week was a fun little post on my top favorite beers, but we are bringing it back home this week with more from our Trader Joe’s Wine Series.

I am going to give you a little piece of info before I start the review… the only reason I picked the wines these week was because of the bottle! They suckered me in. I actually had 4 different wines in my cart and put them back when I saw these. You’ll see what I mean!


White Wine

This weeks white wine is the Oreana Project Happiness 2012 Chardonnay. It was on special at Trader Joe’s for $3.49. We haven’t even broken $5 yet and I’ve reviewed eight wines now! Awesome!!!

wpid-testUpload.pngDoes this bottle not just make you want to smile? Yes, if you were questioning it, this bottle is over half gone. Don’t judge me!

Like I said, the bottle is simple but adorable and it drew me in. Things that look happy, make me happy.

Smell: Sweet and Floral

Taste: Much sweeter then some of the other, more complex, Chardonnay’s I have had. But, I think part of the charm of this wine is its visual simplicity and well as its easy-going flavor profile.

It has notes of fruit, apricots mostly is what I get and a little bit of something else, maybe citrus. It also has the buttery flavor that a lot of Chardonnay’s have but this one is more like butterscotch candy.

I preferred this one less than the Syrah below, but only because I am not a huge fan of Chardonnay in general. I also felt like the Syrah has a little bit more flavor.


Red Wine

The Oreana Project Happiness 2012 Syrah was the only other wine in this brand, which was great for me because it was a red and also on special for $3.49.


Smell: Not overly strong. You really just smell sweet fruit of some kind. I could tell from the smell that it was going to be an extremely potent or bold bottle of red wine, but for the price and the look, I was betting on a decent taste.

Taste: A really mild sweet berry and cherry flavor mixed in with a little bit of pepper. It is really simple in flavor and therefore really easy to drink. I bet this would make a pretty great BBQ-ed meat companion.

Both of these wines were obviously on a mission to make us happy, and they succeeded! Neither one was overly bold in flavor, but they both put a smile on my face! They would each be perfect for those that are not experienced wine drinkers or those that don’t like an “in your face” flavor to our wine.

With that being said, I would give each 3 stars****. I think they are good wines for when you just want a few glasses after a long day and not break the bank for them. But, they are obviously not the fanciest or most sophisticated of all the wines out there.

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*Cheers to happiness in a bottle*