Back to School Staples: Complete Wardrobe Under $100 With Macys

Back to school shopping can sometimes be daunting. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or the fact that every parent is trying to find the right items for their kiddos, but the shopping seems overwhelming. I wanted to create an easy list of back to school staples for under $100 that can all be found at Macy’s.

It's for back to school shopping already! Check out this list of back to school staples, and fill your kiddos' closets for under $100 with Macy's.

I have tried to keep the limit for boys and girls collections to under $100 total, so that you could go through and find a complete set for under that price limit.

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Back to School Staples For Under $100

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Since only my two oldest girls are in school so far, this was pretty easy for me to find. Last year, they were in uniforms, but this year they are doing a co-op and can wear whatever they want. I have separated it into categories, so the options are really easy to find, and I have only picked out my absolute favorites, although they have a ton of options!





School-aged boys were a little harder for me, but not too much because I love shopping for back to school everything! A lot of these pieces are things that both boys or girls could wear, if your girls are more into comfort and unisex pieces:)





If you need uniforms —-> Ralph Lauren Oxfords, Sweaters, Pants


What are your favorite picks from this list of back to school staples? Are your kiddos ready to head back?

*Cheers to finding school clothes without breaking the bank*

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  1. Ashley Stephenson August 2, 2018 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    Those little girl clothes are so cute!! I can’t believe it is almost time for back to school!

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